Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Regrouping, Revamping

So, since finishing the 1987 Topps set (FINALLY! I’M SO HAPPY!), I wanted to redirect focus to some new sets and player collections I plan to revamp and begin.
I have had the old 1992 Coca-cola Nolan Ryan set up for…a while. I need to get more aggressive if I want to finish that set, and one way to do that is to nag you on my blog. I really don’t want to do that, so if you have any cards from that lovely set, please offer to trade them to me, if only to shut me up J
Continuing on…Sets. I have decided to collect one, and only one, complete set this year. The set?

That marvelous cardboard assemblage needs to be arranged. In ‘Merican, help me complete this set.
Wantlist coming up as you read these very characters on this web log.
Another set I long to collect is the 2003 Topps set. I know a few folks on the blogoverse have attempted this set, and I really like it. Colors, design, etc. are all things I like about it. So it'll go up on the set want list too.
What you may have noticed in my collecting focus is that I’m not obsessed with every new product. Case in point: I’ve opened two 2012 packs this year. And I won those in a contest. I don’t try to collect every set, and I don’t chase inserts, etc. simply because they exist. I love trading with those who do, because I acquire doubles in trades, and when I do purchase material, and I can exchange what someone else needs for something I like: Braves cards. (Oooohh…shinee.) So if you want to complete every Topps set each year, knock yourself out. But as for me, I’m fine with sitting out unless I’m just really drawn to the design.
Player collections are another key focus for me. I mean, Braves cards are amazing, but my buddies Zane Smith, Tony Tarasco, and Otis Nixon need some, I guess, “cool” card people to partake of binder space too. Like maybe even “minor stars,” (whatever that means) to paraphrase the Beckett.
Speaking of which, I seriously still want to try to figure out Rowland Office’s amazing catch date still. The underlings are researching data now. Ya know, that sounds like a Fantastic Catch to me-I wonder if there’s a picture of it somewhere…
Back on topic: here’s the new PC list: Tacked up on the board w/Bo, Chippa, and Murph, I have added Eck the Scrappy, Chili Davis (The Poor Man’s Chipper), and some current (and former) Tampa Rays who I got to follow through the Montgomery Biscuits: Matt Moore and John Jaso. The tab list got too big for the top of my blog, so I moved it to the side. I feel so proud of my creative web designing skills (Ha).
I kind of want to do a little tribute to Eckstein by collecting his cards. So I’ll digress a little now, and probably again in another post.
I first read about the mad skills of Mr. Eckstein in a Highlights magazine. I know, right? But, I mean, the guy was amazing, okay, and he won a World Series, and his family even had some sort of heretical kidney problems! (Not making this up!) So when Eckstein started playing for the Padres (my seventh favorite team-Boo-yah!), I followed him, and when he sort of, kind of, faded-away-without-formally-retiring retired, I was sad. And now, when Mike Kenny spends time poking at him by comparing him to Rex Hudler, I feel like I ought to do something other than whine in his comment section. Thus began the PC of Eckstein.

Um, I think there was a punctuation traffic jam in that last paragraph.
Anyway, with the magnificent conclusion to the 1987 Topps set, I would like to do some “highlight” sketches of my favorite cards. I know it’s been done by better bloggers than me, but there’s so much stupid in this set, it oughta be good fun to lampoon the funny men on our cards.
Last but not least, I exhort you to peruse these fine blogs praising the wood-grain bordered set.
Oh, what the heck: 
I really wish I knew what happened to the 1987 Topps blogspot blogger, but I have a hunch that writing about every card doesn’t have enough juice to last through 792 posts. That’s primarily why I’d like to highlight just my favorites.
That ought to be that. Oh, and you know the Braves are sucking right now. Um, yeah, so lack of team posts=poor get the idea. C'mon Braves! Smack them Phillies upside the head, why dontcha?

Friday, August 24, 2012


 (Love that movie, by the way.)

For a long long long time, I've had a little dealie in the corner of my blog page list for 1987 Topps. For a long long long time, I've had a placeholder "pending!" notice up there. Well, it's time to change that.
Card number #597 (knew that from memory, didn't even have to look back at the card) finally arrived in my hot little hands not an hour ago courtesy of Jack, of All Tribe Baseball. Jack has been gracious all throughout the time I've had that pending notice up, as I don't think he was content to send me just 1987 Topps-no, he had to get some Bravos out my way. In doing so, Mr. Schmidt got lost in the cards (pun completely intended) and was sent last with even more Braves. Thanks so much Jack; I will try to get some scans up of the cards you sent me very soon!

It has been well worth the wait, but I'm ready to start on another project, are you ready?
Another card Jack sent me, hint hint as to said project :)

Thanks again to Jack, and every other blogger who helped me complete this set!!! I really appreciate all your help!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oscar Gamble or Braves cards? Why not both?!?

Mark, of is currently running a trading extravaganza. By that, I mean: Mark, who collects baseball cards (according to the header on his blog), is currently cleaning house. Sort of like what the Marlins appear to be doing. So get yourself some, if you want!
I stuck with Braves cards (mostly), including this Kelly Johnson Turkey red. Among Kelly's accomplishments are hitting for the cycle, being named NL player of the month in 2010, and fielding pop-ups with his face. Okay, maybe not so much that last one. I like this card though.

Grabbed a couple of cards of the Mighty Murphy.

As he is on my Blogger thumbnail picture, I felt somewhat obligated to grab an available Oscar Gamble. Plus, he still has the hair! LOOK AT THE HAIR!!!

Topps succeeded in snapping a pic of Glavine in his new (if despised) Mets uni in 2003 after he exited the Big A. You can bet if then was now, and now was then, though, that Glavine would have gotten himself a Photoshop job. I'll take this over a 'shopped version of Tommy any day!

Finally, a Chipper card in the mix. You knew there was gonna be one, didn't you? A leaders card from this past set, Chipper shares space with an AL West player and a .238 hitter in 2012. Um...can you say turnover?

Gratias ad Marcus Do, et valete ad omnibus!

(I give thanks to Mark, and fare well to all of you!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Blog! Trade! Look!

So perusing the interwebs, I came across a new baseball card blog:

Cool stuff!

A Joisey guy, Anthony is ambitiously trying to collect all the diamond shinies from 2011 Topps, and Yankee stuff as well. He has really comprehensive wantlists-see them if you have any of those sparklies or 2012 golden parallels for trade!

I myself swapped Anthony some shinies and a Jeter patch, and received this relic to pass along to a certain blogger, and some Bravos for the collection:

 OK, since Archives is $3 a pack, it's kind of turned me off from ripping packs, but I have to say these '71s look sharp! I know folks have said that the card stock is too thin, but I think it really is fine. Maybe we've been spoiled on the thickie A&G base cards too long; I dunno...
 Figured I'd post the Chipper card back. Not bad. The back is meant to be like the originals, and I get that:

As you can tell, though, the original is not as bright and shiny, and has considerably less sideways type!

Still good stuff; Thanks to Anthony-go check him out! Well, not him, just his blog. Sorry for any confusion!

Chunter, out!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cards from Cam!

Cam of the Bullpen Cardboard blog recently sent me some Braves cards. I guess it was one of those deals that isn't a trade per se, but I was more than happy to send some stuff back. Check it out!

The Niekro had a crease across Phil's forearm: no biggie! I don't mind "well-loved cards." I have a bunch of Braves 77's, and really enjoy the design. By the way, did you see that Jair Jurrjens went to the hospital yesterday? Apparently he was dehydrated while pitching...

I guess I should throw out before giving any more Jurrjens updates by saying that I did get the chance to meet Jurrjens when the Braves Caravan came to my area this year. Got an IP autograph and a few words-he seemed like a really nice guy as he and the other Braves stayed a little past duration of their alloted autograph time, even though there were times when people were just trickling in to get autographs at the Academy Sports store where the Caravan was held. So I feel for him a little more as he's had a really tough year and a half. Here's hoping for the best, Jair!
Cam said he had a Dale surprise and this was it! A Murph RC-another 77 Topps I can find a place for! I actually had another Dale Murphy rookie card, but hey, shared bounty among friends maketh...oh, never mind. Thanks Cam!

Personally, this was my favorite card of the lot. A Brandon Jones Topps Opening Day RC that Cam got an IP Autograph on!!! The blue pen contrasts really well with this set.

I really like the 08 Topps Opening Day set-maybe more than the base set. Even though Jones currently receives paychecks from the Kansas City T-Bones, I will see if I can't get some more Braves autos on these cards.

Thanks again to Cam and I hope to get out a "thank-you" package to you soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rescued from Retail Purgatory: 2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

Before getting down to business, just wanted to say that I always keep scans of my cards in file folders, and tell myself that I can't get rid of those picture files until I've done a post that I intended to have them in. Consequently, I post fairly frequently because I just can't stand the clutter. Anyway...

While every other blogger and his (or her)mother is reviewing A&G box cases/packs/treasure chests right now, this guy is ripping a humble little $2.99 pack of 2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. I really didn’t even want to pay that much, but Panini Triple Play (MY NEW FAVORITE SET!) still hasn’t hit the shelves, and as far as the $1.59 Target repack bin goes…well, let’s face it, we’ve all seen 2010 Topps, Upper Deck X, and Upper Deck Documentary too much by now. I’m serious-that’s all the baseball there was. Maybe some '07 Ultra, but that’s the same story, I’m afraid.
Let’s see what’s in this sucker (the pack, not me). Seven cards. $2.99. Each card must be worth $0.43 for my investment, which is what baseball card collecting is all about, to be justified.
Here we go:
Card number 1: #4 Anthony Bass Padres base RC
Off to a good start! Mr. Bass has not only been pitching in the majors of late, but his rookie card is going for $1 on eBay! Make your momma proud, boy!

By the way, do his teammates call him Big Anthony? Inquiring minds...
Card number 2: #10 Tyler Chatwood Angels base RC
Oh, but poor Chatwood is going for only 30 cents on COMC. This bodes horridly for my investment!
Card number 3: #95 Mike Nickeas Mets Chrome RC
Oh, thank goodness, a chromie. Shineee....But it's a Met. I'm not even bothering checking the price, he's worthless! MWAHAHAHAHA! To the Trade Pile with you, Nicky!
Card number 4: #37 Charlie Furbush Mariners Gold RC
Just to show how dated my posts have gotten of late, I actually no longer even have this card. Golden Furbush worth...$0.25. Ouch.
Card number 5: BDPP101 Hunter Mercado-Hood USA Baseball Bowman Chrome
So, his name is Mercado-Hood; he signs his name "Hunter Hood," and his name on the back of his jersey starts "MER...". Oh by the way his Twitter handle is huntermercado42. Can't wait to see our next Giancarlo Stanton name-switcher, I guess. Asking price on Amazon? $0.98. It just keeps getting better.

Card number 6: BDPP105 Carson Sands USA Baseball
Card number 7: BDPP35 Sonny Gray A’s 1st Bowman Card
Alright, moment of truth, and it all comes down to a young man named...Sonny. We're at a tally of $2.73. Will Gray come through?


So, adding an element of excitement to an otherwise boring day, a Bowman Pack redeems itself! Now to try to get that $2.99 back.

One thing I don’t get about these cards is the faux autographs on all the non-base cards (of which there were almost half of in this pack, which I did not like). Kind of annoys me. Beyond that, the base design is not bad-I had already gotten a few of these in trade packages and liked them.  So there you have it. All these cards are hereby up for trade. Check out these and my other Trade Bait items on my Trade page!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Contest Winnings from Andrew's Baseball Cards!

Andrew of the appropriately-named Andrew's Baseball cards recently held a contest. This contest required participants to answer some mind-gnawing questions such as: Which team had the most wins in the 1970s?and When was the first (known) curve ball in baseball thrown? Who threw it?
and Which is the only team to win the world series twice after behind three games back?
Seriously, I don't think I've searched Wikipedia that hard since then. Anyhoo, I placed third, and plan to show off the cardage now.

On a slightly different note, since Dayf posted this infernal video (which I was foolish enough to check out) I simply cannot stop watching and re-watching it. And singing it in my head. All this to say, the only way to end this unprecented madness, is to pass it on to some unfortunate blog reader. If you're lucky, this reader will be Khadija Mohamed...if not, heh heh, sorry. Mammo, mammo, mammo, mammo...

Anyway, sorry about that digression. Onto the spoils!

Purple refract's numbered to 700.

I love baseball card contests because of cool stuff like this! Andrew, I really appreciate it and good luck TTM'ing! For the rest of you, adios, and GO YICKETTY.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A chance to catch my breath

Not to interject random facts, but here's a random fact: I scanned baseball cards for 45 minutes today. I am officially insane.

Speaking of insanity, I believe I ought to address a few things on the ol' web log.

First and foremost, the 1987 Topps set. For a rather long time, I have had a "pending" announcement about this. The honorable Jack of All Tribe Baseball has taken the time to prepare the last few cards and send some other Braves, hopefully to send sometime this week. I thank you, Jack!

Second off, The Rookies Card collecting league-this is something I, as a youth collector in conjunction with other youth collectors, have been trying to start. Details will be...forthcoming. Till then, a badge with a hyperlink.

Manny punctuates this digression with a sly grin.
 Last, to those who have sent me stuff in the last week or two, no, I haven't forgotten to put up a post celebrating your cards...yet. Please bear with me. Thank you.

I know the feeling :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bunted, and...Fouled off: Trade with William from Foul Bunt

Recently a certain William of Foul Bunt had the benevolence to send these cards to me gratis. Thanks William, and enjoy the post!
If happiness is a Chipper Jones baseball card, sadness is a whited-out Chipper Jones baseball card.
Ah, 1990 Donruss. Would people like the set more if it only included cards of Tom Glavine? Oh, and an Escobar code card!
Sum more Gintery Goodness…
Mike Minor in mind, the signing of Paul Maholm ascertains the fact that the Braves are probably not counting on the services of Ben Sheets next year. Is it only a matter of time until Sheets blows a ligament, really?
Included in the package were a couple of, shall we say, elongated cardboard rhombi. The said rhombi depicted a Mr. Gregory Maddux in pitching pose. One particular cardboard piece claimed him as one of the “Game Breakers,” a most select group, certainly. Photographs, please, you say? Have at it:
Maddux is the Majors’ “Master of the Mound.”
Well then, this is aristocratic highbrow nonsense if there ever was such! Use of the words “Major,” “Master,” (deemed illegal in California) and even an alliteration usage!  Say, what do you think you are, Fleer corporation design squad? Grammarians? I imagine you peering down your nose at me while you say this, you…you…elongator of cardboard!!!
There was another Fleer concoction in the package:
And the back:

Apparently Greg is the only member of the Braves team as no teammates of his are visible in any of the five (count ‘em) shots of Doggy. Makes my mind wander...
Bobby Cox, before Braves game:
Alright, guys, I know you’re all excited about today’s game, but I’m sorry. It’s Greg’s night to pitch, and a Fleer photographer insisted that you guys not be visible in any of his shots. I’m benching all of you but Greg and catch and putting you all on the DL until midnight.
Tony Tarasco:
But Skip, what if a guy hits a fly to deep center?
Cox, trying to blow off player while discreetly holding Maddux 1994 Fleer card:
Psssh, Tony, calm down, okay? We’re talking about friggin’ Greg Maddux, here!  Listen to the stats-Greg strengthened his claim on  the title of best pitcher in baseball with his second straight Cy last year!!! Know the only other guy to accomplish this feat? Some guy named Sandy Koufax! So just sit back in the dugout and enjoy the show, a’ight?

*Little Known Fact*: Fleer baseball card makers decided in 1994 to lengthen their baseball cards, adding a touch of stylistic polish so that managers could make them blend in with their stat sheets more easily and also not risk being caught with “kids’ toys.” You heard it here first.