Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Don't Usually Do Personal Posts...

...But when I do, I make them interesting!

Hi guys. Wanted to give a quick blog update and talk about what I've been out doing the week of my blog contest. As to the state of the blog, I'm still backed up on trade posts and scanning, and the traffic jam doesn't seem to be clearing up. So if you're waiting for me to post what I got in a trade with you before you do the same, you might just want to go ahead. I'm still working on a couple of trades, and need to mail out the contest winners' winnings soon. I know I'm not, but that's no excuse!

Regarding the interesting, I was out the week of my blog contest at a super-cool camp called the Multicultural Journalism Workshop, held on the campus of the University of Alabama. All the students accepted into the selective program have worked in high school student media, and the students I worked with and media professionals I worked with were top-notch. We collaborated on a website, including an article by yours truly, and were featured on a local news channel one evening. I even learned a thing or two about, you guessed it, blogging.
As a soon-to-be college-bound student, journalism is one of the top career choices I'm interested in. I have a ton of respect for fellow bloggers get paid to be journalists, from the fantastic Night Owl to the hilarious Mike Kenny to prolific blogger Greg Zakwin at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle, the latter of whom has a blog name giving the shout-out to sportswriter Bill Plaschke. I have to say, blogging has given me a bit of an audience that I wouldn't have had writing for just my school, and I've loved it. Props to the blogging community there.

Not sure how to conclude this post, so let me just say thanks-because without you all, all my pageviews would be from myself and spambots.

Thank you guys!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And the Winner is...

I had a nice number of entries for the contest, and, as promised, am here to announce a winner. I had four late entrants, giving me a healthy total of 21. We had some frequent posters and pluggers, but as we all know, many posts does not a winner make.

So who won? Let's turn to the almighty!! I have given one entry for each comment, daily comment, and plug. The top three people (not just names, I want to spread the cards around :) will receive, in order, the Bowman packs, Topps packs, and inserts.

Here we go!
 I randomized the list once, 'cause I wanted to spare anyone the sorrow of seeing his name first on the non-counting spins.

Here are the results:

And Wilson, Superduperman, and Stealing Home are the top three! Congratulations, in order, to the proprietors of Tenets of Wilson, Fantastic Catch, and All Trade Bait, All the Time. Guys, please send me an email with your mailing address. (My contact info is in my Blogger profile.)

Thanks to all who played! I feel like there should be confetti falling and music playing...and I'll see you next time!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trade With Brian of Base Set Calling!

***Don't forget the contest!*** (3 hours left!)

Brian of Base Set Calling and I completed a trade recently. In it, I hauled in this white whale:

2012 Topps Update Chipper Jones SP
 That's the first screw-down case I've gotten, ever! And that card is a great segue into mentioning that Chipper's jersey number is being retired  by the way. I'm sure that'll be an awesome game to go to, and I wish I could be there. Ah well.
Ignore the Scotch tape, ahem. This Matt Diaz, I do believe, completes my 2012 Update Braves set. Huzzah!
And a random Martinez, just because.

And that's it! Brian's an awesome trade partner, and he's chasing a bunch of those pink and camo parallels from 2013 Topps. If you have any, drop him a line. Thanks to him for this trade!

Last Day to Enter Contest!

I mean, it's not that hard. You have 4 more hours and change to comment here. I'll announce a winner and have some new news to share tomorrow!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Contest continued!

Hi guys,

My contest is still going on, keep commenting and spreading the word!

Comment to enter here. Don't forget, you can enter once a day!

And now, for something completely different:


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contest Time! Right Here, Right Now!!!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Chipp 'n' Dale's first blog contest! Holla!

This will be a quasi-traditional style contest: comment on this post once for a point now, promote it on your blog or Facebook page (and link it in the comments) for an extra point, comment on this post once a day for one point each time. It will run for a week!

I will say I like posts that make me laugh, so feel free to do so. Make me laugh, that is. You don't have to post "first/second/25th entry," each time (though if you do, I won't hold it against you). Rather, if you try to guess or say inane things, that will be enough. Guess Evan Gattis's birth weight...I really don't care. Make me laugh. Thanks!

Prizes will be:

2 packs of 2013 Bowman,

Two of these for a first place winner!

2 packs of 2013 Topps,
Image of 2nd place prize stolen from A pack to be named...

And a mess of 2012 Topps Update inserts (for the third placer)!

Start now! Have fun! Promote me like I know you can!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Tim Tebow is a Patriot!

One of my favorite football players will head to New England for minicamp this summer. Read all about it here.

I guess these will be a thing now?
Now all he has to do is beat out Mike Kafka, Ryan Mallet, and some guy named Tom Brady!

Contest here...Almost!

Hi guys,

I'm prepping for a contest here and wanted to bump blogrolls while showing off cards from a handful of recent trades.

A couple of 2013 Heritage cards from Card Anathema. The Bourn is one of the chrome parallels. Bourn has continued to be productive for the streaky Indians, and is hitting .302 at the time I write this. That's almost twice as high as current Braves CF B.J. Upton's, incidentally...sigh.

 These now are some cards from Crackin' Wax's "Take My Cards" promo. I really like this card of B-Mac.
 Banana-yellow backs. Hmm.
Spahn looks a bit zombie-esque in this shot, but I love the vintage uniform/glove. Also, borders? Wow!

Last, Uncle Doc sent me some cards from his closet. These were just a few of the cards that took a nice bite out of my 2003 Topps wantlist!

Thanks, in order, to Card Anathema, Crackin Wax, and Uncle Doc! Again, everyone keep an eye open for my contest soon! Adios!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trade With William-Final Part!

Like Peter Jackson did with the Hobbit, I've managed to broadcast one event three separate times. Something tells me I won't be raking in millions for posting about cards, though considering the big gift William sent me, maybe I could. I'll save it for the end of this post.

Also, look for a contest involving prizes very soon. Like in the next few days kind of soon. You might want to bookmark this site. Really.
Dale Murphy as a Phillie? Conflicting. Jimmie Dean did a clever job of hiding that all-offensive logo, though. These are keepers.
Hometown Heroes inserts aren't something I get a lot of. I like the bunting on this one of Jason Heyward, who I'm rooting to get out of this .146 hitting slump.
Panini Cooperstown cards are kind of hard to come by, so I appreciated this one Will sent of Ed Mathews. 

Okay, so the majority of these cards didn't come in a bubble-wrapped package like many other bloggers and I are used to-they came is a large brown box of packing peanuts containing...

These boys. The ink, unfortunately, is about that fuzzy in real life. Will said in a note with the package he had acquired these from a co-worker of his and wanted to pass them along as a b-day gift. Along with two other clean Braves balls, these two auto balls will soon find some good holders! (No, I haven't gotten them out of the packing peanuts...yet.) Thanks to William for the balls, the cards, and the birthday thought! Now I need to do a little detective work to decode whose sigs are on them!