Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Flurry of Trades pt. 4

"Let's wrap it up, and bring it home!" -Michael Geisen, 2008 National Teacher of the Year
To round out this flurry of trading, a triple header marks today. The tradees: myself and Andrew, Smed, and Jeremy. First off, a trade with Andrew of Andrews Baseball Cards-results below:

Andrew had some cool stuff for me, including Chipper, a shiny Francoeur, and some 2012 material. A good trading buddy, he deserves a hyperlink...or two!

Next up is Smed's Cards, the proprietor of which is also known as Scott. By knocking off some stuff from his wantlists, I was able to procure these treasures:

O Andrew, how far have you fallen...


I love me some vintagey vintage, albeit well-worn. Paul Casanova on 1975 Topps...WINNER!

I'm going to have to post on Uggla soon.

This 09 OPC is growin' on me...
Oh, yeah and just this random RELIC!!!! WINNER x2!!!! Me like-a Prado!

There was a lot more to this trade, but I don't have time to scan all the stuff. Please do know that it was good, although in an interesting twist, the package included a near-complete team set of 1986 Donruss. Anyway, moving on.... Jeremy. Jeremy actually initiated this trade, meaning I guess I've arrived as a blogger. Rather than going after others (which I don't mind doing...Why don't you go take a look my wantlist), I had Jeremy contact me via a comment on my trade list. He sent some cards that I was honestly blown away by (and amused, see below)...

Rowland Office was one of many 1980 Topps cards Jeremy sent my way...really love the vintage unis!

On the back we are told Rowland Office (who is this guy, again???) is "still" credited with making the greatest catch ever in Atlanta Stadium (aka Fulton-County Stadium, or The Launching Pad), to rob Homer, which at first looks like a player's name. Okay. Google test time.

....Sounds of me googling....

-So he has a site, which is not run by him:                               
-The Palm Beach Post wrote a somber article on him, referencing his catch, in 1982 after he was dealt to Montreal:,446920&id=wAAtAAAAIBAJ

...And after some long, penetrating research (largely drawing on deduction and, I've narrowed down this game to one of these four:

Braves Game #11 04-19-1977 vs San Diego Padres 4-1 W 6-5
Braves Game #11 12 04-20-1977 vs San Diego Padres 2-0 W 7-5
Braves Game #11 71 06-26-1977 vs San Diego Padres 8-5 W 27-44
Braves Game #11 141 09-09-1977 vs San Diego Padres 8-6 W 52-89

These are the only 1977 games both Mike Ivie (the batter that hit the ball Office caught) of the Padres, and Office played, in Atlanta, with Office playing in the field for at least part of the game. Anyone able to deduce this down to one game??? I offer up a prize of undisclosed identity to whoever can figure it out, just to make things interesting. Next,

Dale Murphy + Mini = Awesome/Cool + classic

A poorly attended game in the background that a Pirates catcher there behind Diaz?

Now this is a cool card. I had actually never seen one of these "Victory" Inserts before, but the back says that they were inspired by 1940s propaganda. (These were inserted into 2009 Updates and Highlights, I also learned.) Throw in the fact it's Chipper Jones, and voila! Another great addition to the PC! 

Topps Big is like 1989 Bowman's cousin. I wouldn't be surprised if they were cut with the same machines.


 For those of you who can't read that cartoon (everyone), the sign behind the distracted Joseph Pocoroba says, quote, "GO GET 'EM, BRUD". Wow. A 1980s Topps cartoonist tries his hand at slang talkin'.

 As dusk falls, Phil Niekro demonstrates his knuckleball grip, then rides off into the sunset.

 And to close out, MINIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

Thanks to Andrew, Scott and Jeremy for the trades! Chunter out!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A wantlist exposition and Contest Winnings!

First things first everyone, I am still pending completion of the 1987 Topps set. Cards are in the mail at last word. The next set I am raring to start is the 1992 Coca-cola Nolan Ryan set, which has a sort of Donruss design/make. I'm linking to the Night Owl for a little expose on the Met version of one of these Ryans.

I really like this design. The gold border, and the fact that it's friggin NOLAN RYAN on the cards gives it a desirable sort of quality to me. Throw in the fact that I have several of these cards already on my have list and I know the set is within the realm of finishability, if that's even a word. (I have my suspicions, and I wrote it...)

Anyway, that's that. Any Ryan lovers or Astros/Mets/Rangers collectors, you gots any these for me? I like trades.

Last but not least (Do you ever wonder when someone says that which one is the least?) Weston from Fantastic Catch (personally, I prefer the fantabulous catch, don't you?) sent me these terrific Rookie Cards including Chipper Jones (who else?!) for winning his contest which, among other things, required one to identify the autograph of

The spoils:

Can Chipper even bend his knees that far anymore?

2012 Bowman has surprisingly grown on me and a lot of people, I think.

'Sup, Hammie!
Booyah! Thanks so much Weston! Hope to make a trade for some mo' Chippas soon!
I'm out, ya'll.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Flurry of Trades Pt. 3

Triple "trade" post today (two of these packages were gifts-happiness!), and we start with...Capewood's Collections. Capewood had a "Summer Clearance sale" and I jumped at it. Some great stuff...Hey, me like a GQ!
(Yes that is actually Tom Glavine in the card on the top left, boys and girls. Sorry to confuse you. -Donruss)

And a mini!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I am probably a little to excited about this particular baseball card considering it's...Dion James. But still!

Love the back cartoon. This was obviously pre-Randy Johnson.

But this, however, was unprecedented.

Wow, um, four more B-Mac cards than I needed, and Kimbrels, and Venters...ah well. Capewood, despite bippages, I accept your offering. Thanks so much for the trade!
We're ascending the final few feet of this mountain of a set...1987 Topps. These cards came wonderfully gratis of The Night Owl, also known as Greg. A tip of the baseball card hat to him!

Iooss on Bonds: "All the guys who are perceived as a------s are a------s, especially Barry Bonds. The editors of SI KIDS called up in early 2004 and said, "We've got Willie Mays and Barry Bonds in San Francisco. You wanna photograph them?" I said, "Hell, yes." Bonds was just jacked. I mean, his body was sculpted. The reporter for SI KIDS asked him, "What was your favorite subject in school?" He said, "Math, just so I could count money." And he was serious." --Walter Iooss, Jr.
Perhaps despite being an unpleasant fellow, this little tidbit concerning Barry's major at Arizona State may help explain his good fortune in our American court systems...Ah, who am I kidding-he can afford lawyers. Thanks again, Greg!

Last, and yes, probably least, I am posting some 2009 Upper Deck first edition...

The Baltimore Orioles sent me theses in a fan pack recently. If you're collecting 2009 First Ed., or are just really desperate for cards, (me, me!) send the O's an e-mail.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Flurry of Trades, Pt. 2

 Like that pic? I figure as long as I'm posting trades, I might as well make it interesting.

Here's some scans of what Brian of In the Ballpark swapped with me for some Yankees off my Trade Bait page at the top of the blog.

Murphy cards! Even in the hated Phillies uniform, Dale overrides any team hatred with his smiling mug. Good stuff.

A non-Phillie Dale mini (!) and some Chipper, and some Tommy Glavine. The Tom Glavine was numbered, at that! (Forget to what...too lazy to look it up. Sorry.)

Chippas...Yes! Love the Peter Gammons card, and the 06 Topps is a Blue Parallel, the likes of which I had never seen before. And hey, look, it's a 1993 Upper Deck RC!

And last but not least, a shiny, chromy Chipper, a Dale Murphy that looks odd to say the least, and an 07 Topps base Chipper Jones card. Very cool stuff and thanks again to Brian!

You know, that last Dale Murphy card makes him look like he's wearing some sort of pajamas. Can't even tell who the card company is either...

And yes, I know my blog is now a future google search result for "dale murphy pajamas." Couldn't resist :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Flurry of Trades, Pt. 1

"A Startling Whirlwhind of Opportunity"
In the past several weeks, I have completed quite a few trades. Since I have made it a habit to show appreciation by posting cards from trades before filing them away, I shall do so here now.
First off, the Joneses and others from Topher at Crackin Wax! Via his "Take My Cards" offer, I was able to place a request, then receive these cards from "a set...Indiana Jones would collect."

 I like Eckstein, okay (sorry about that lopped off shoulder, David)! And Pujols and Thome are cool too. So that's that-thanks Topher!

And here are some Dales, courtesy of Kevin over at the . Kevin, being the generous chap that he is, delivered these and the following cards to me complete gratis! Danke schön Kevin!


Some very neat Chippers here:

Chipper Bat Card...And Pacific Spanish too! Cool!

(Scan doesn't do this shiny card justice. And yes, that is Japanese.)


There were also some Bo's, which were scuttled away somewhere, but I have managed to put up on the Bo Jackson Have List! Feel free to take a crack at it of your own!

So, thanks again to Topher, and to Kevin! More trades to come I hope, and I will be posting about more finished trades soon!

The Best Things in the World are Free

Live on blog, I will be opening/examining the contents of this mysterious package received in today's mail:

 A hint to what's inside (note the French and Toronto Postmark):

And a...cross between a cigarette pack and a playing card deck? Hm...(Note miniscule Toronto Blue Jay logo on front)

Gotta love the fun kiddie mascots!

Well shut my mouth and paint me red! Canadian Baseball cards!

This card was on top of the stack. Had no idea the Blue Jays even had a mascot!

Lest you think that Canadians sending me Safety sets is just some random happenstance that occurs frequently throughout my week, I regret that you are sorely mistaken. You see, I had done some prior research into the Toronto Fire Station after finding out they had given away a safety set to area children. Being of age within the program offered, despite living in the Southeast, I took a chance and pounced. From the time I contacted the station ("Please send me baseball cards if you have any left,") to now, with cards in hand, took three weeks. Hey, it's free baseball cards, ya'll!

Let's see if it was worth it.

1st card: Jose Bautista

Sharp design. I like it. The back:
You've got your measurements, your logos, your stats, and your token safety tip. I still like it. Here's several more:

Some former Braves and an ex-Cardinal. These are all posed shots used for both these cards and the rest, but they are all with the 2012 Jays logos.

All in all, you've got a team set, really. List:

Ace, Bautista, Rajai Davis, Ben Fransisco, Rasmus, Eric Thames, Encarnacion, Escobar, Johnson, Lawrie, Lind, Vizquel, Arencibia, Jeff Mathis, Henderson Alvarez, Francisco Cordero, Drabek, Jason Frasor, Casey Janssen, Drew Hutchison, Brandon Morrow, Darren Oliver (42 years old, just sayin'), Luis Perez, Ricky Romero, Sergio Santos, Villanueva, John Farrell Manager, Pete Walker Bullpen Coach, Bruce Walton Pitching Coach, Brian Butterfield 3B Coach, Torey Lovullo 1B Coach, Dwayne Murphy Hitting Coach, and Don Wakamatsu Bench Coach. 4 other non-player safety cards promoting fire safety, Jr. Jays Club, etc. Shoo, long list!

Good stuff. Most of the card back safety tips are good, serious stuff. Some strike me as slightly amusing, though:

Somehow I picture some little kid trying to light a fire on the floor of his tent on a camp-out so he can read or something...I guess they're talkin' to him!

And the person cooking on the stove trying to close his eyes and work at the same time...yeah, that's a little bit of a stretch.

Any design resembelences? I can't think of any...the feel of the cards is sort of 1990 Fleer-ish: Low on the gloss, but still shiny on both the front and the back.

Lastly, if any rabid Blue  Jays fans are interested in a set of these cards, let me know! I had two packs, and I opened just the one. Definitely pretty cool cards in my opinion!