Thursday, April 26, 2012

Contest Pimpage The Second

Let's Go Bucs! Contest running over at The Pirates Treasure Room. Check it out; I hope to make off with a haul of Braves goodies!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

1987 Topps Wantlist Update

Updated 1987 Topps Wantlist is up-Check it out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Contest Pimpage

If you like football cards; if you like serially numbered football cards, check out this sweet contest goin' on over at Sport Card Collector's:


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trade With Bo Rosny from Baseball cards come to Life!

Just received a hefty package in the mailbox this week from Bo Rosny, over at Baseball cards come to Life! I sent him my 1987 Topps Wantlist and he sent me about 600 cards I needed! Included in the package:

One for the Bo Jackson Collection...

And one for the Murph PC!

Oh yeah, and the rest of the box:

Really need to smooth out my bed out sometime, ha!

This leaves me about 100 or so cards from finishing the set. I will be posting an updated wantlist soon.

Also, I need to start growing my Chipper and Murph collections-offer me what you got for now; I will try to get a good wantlist up for those.

Will be trying to re-organize my cards this weekend! Wish me luck :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1996 Score Pinnacle Bobby Higginson-revisited!

"'Are you a pitcher?' the photographer from Pinnacle said to pitcher Steve Schrenk, handing him an ID card to hold in front of his chest. All of the players were required to hold up these placards bearing their names. They might be idols to boys and girls around America, but in some photo lab somewhere, they were just faces to the technicians. 'All right,' a trading-card photographer ordered infielder Craig Grebeck. 'Now one without your hat.'"

-Bob Greene
Rebound: The Odyssey of Michael Jordan

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Redeemed from Retail Purgatory: 2007 Topps jumbo pack with gum (!)

So I was checking out the cards scene at Wally World today, looking for some non-2012 Topps wax. I'm not collecting the flagship this year, yahsee.
Under the shelf stuck in the back on top of some football blasters I found this little guy:When I went to the price-checker to see how much he cost, I got this readout:

*See sales associate*

In the checkout (with this and an Upper Deck pack from '07) my conversation with the sales associate went as follows:

Me: Hi, the price checker machine told me to ask you how much these cost.
Check out Lady: OK. (Scans packs several times, frowns) Hm.

Me: I got these from the card aisle.

Check out Lady: Let me get the manager and ask her about them. (Presses presumably magic manager summoner button)

Me and Checkout Lady: (Sounds of us waiting)

Checkout Lady: Let me go look. (leaves)

Shopper: (Starts stacking groceries behind me.)

Checkout Lady: (returns with sales associate #2) She says you can have both for $1.99.

Me: OK. (I push the thought out of my head that Target devotes the $1.59 repack box for packs like these.) I buy the cards.

So, without further ado, here we go:

#132 Ray Durham

#281 Chris Narveson RC

#7 Mickey Mantle-I'd be happier with this if I didn't know there were a zillion other Topps Mickey Mantle cards made over the last 6-7 years.

#170 Chien-Ming Wang

#209 Jonathan Broxton

#224 Matt Thornton

#75 Jered Weaver

#156 Ryan Theriot

#135 Troy Tulowitzki RC (Sweet! I have the 60 Years of Topps parallel of this card, too!)

#94 Willy Taveras

#314 Andruw Jones (A Brave, nice)

#129 Aramis Ramirez

#206 Ben Sheets

#4 Bengie Molina

#119 Michael Cuddyer

#73 Moises Alou

#290 Matt Holliday

#187 Matt Cain

#207 Mark Mulder
#109 Billy Wagner. Nice card.

#236 2006 Boston Red Sox. This would be their year...

#189 Carl Crawford

So that's that. All Series 1 cards, like Topps did last year or two ago-I remember buying a dollar pack of 2010 Series One like this. The Tulowitzki was the "hit" of the pack-a little redemption for this $2 pack.

#NNO Suspicious-looking gum

What's the rule for gum? I see no expiration date anywhere on this. I'm assuming 4-5 year old gum is no good-?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TTM Success: Ryan Tannehill

Yeah, so it's my first *real* post and it has nothing to do with the Braves. I was pleased to see we acquired Juan Francisco the other day though. Looking forward to Opening Day! (The event, not the cards.)

Yesterday I was going through the mail and found this TTM request had found its way home:

Awesome! For those of you who either don't know (or care) Ryan Tannehill is an NFL-quarterback-to-be from Texas A&M. I heard the other day his draft stock was picking up and he had a chance to go play for Miami this fall. I had seen a success for Tannehill through his home in Texas and figured it'd be worth a try. Definitely a unique success of a guy who will undoubtedly be showing up with certified autos in football sets this fall. This one's going in the autograph binder-Many thanks to Mr. Tannehill!

Sent c/o home address 1/6/2012

Received 4/2/2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Inaugural Post

Hey, hey. So, I've been commenting, doing "hack work," and entering contests for about a year now. It's been too long to not have a blog. So here goes nothing.

I am an Atlanta Braves baseball card collector and that subject may well be the focus of this blog. But I doubt it. I can count these guys as the inspirations for this project.

Should be fun!