Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Contest Ahoy!

Weston of Fantastic Catch has put his newest contest up for all to enter! Check it out!


Yours truly likes!

Braves Trade for Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson

So we got a fifth starter who pronounces his name "Muh-hollum"
And a .302-right-handed-hittin' outfielder to replace the injured (and sub-average) Matt Diaz
for a guy who has pitched one MLB year and is on the DL (but is still a "highly-regarded prospect")

and a Triple A pitcher with a losing record at Gwinnett.
Not to confuse you, but yes, that is a pitcher.
Not bad for a Liberty Media-controlled ballclub.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mission Statement (Kind of, sort of, More or Less)

All Trade Bait, All the Time asked what our main collecting focus is, if it were to be just one thing. Looking back over my posts of late, I realized I haven't been very expository on what I do collect. I recently outlined my collections for the Rookies dealie (on the sidebar) and these are all the things I listed:

Atlanta Braves baseball cards
Chipper Jones
Dale Murphy
Bo Jackson
A little TTM
Autographs/Memorabilia Cards
Boy Scouts (patches)
Auburn Tigers (NCAA)
Have some football cards (I'd be willing to unload :)
Collect some stamps and coins
Bobbleheads/figures (I think just about every collector has at least one or two of those)
I also collect bumper stickers (like political ones: "Darren Jones '12")

Of all these, Atlanta Braves are my forte, but not just cardboard stock. Nigh everything with a Braves player or logo, I collect. "Like what?" you may ask.


Say you have a Braves Toaster:

I'll take it.

How about a Chipper Jones Sweater?
Yeah, that's not a little odd, but still. I'd wear it.

Man, that really is strange. Moving on...

Field dirt coin?


Chipper Jones light switch cover?


Car Mat:

Uh-huh. Yep!

Baseball Cards?

Need I go on, or do I just need to go to ebay for awhile?
So there you are. Satis, Stealing Home?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Contest Winnings from Play at the Plate!

My reaction to Ichiro now being a Yankee:

(Obligatory spider monkey photo)
Anyway, so Brian from over at Play at the Plate recently held a contest. Out of 30 or so randomized entries, the lucky victor was yours truly. Thanks to Brian for mailing out the prizes-

2 Packs of Allen and Ginter!

Pack One:

298 Dee Gordon (Dodger...)
273 Gaby Sanchez
191 Jason Bay
326 Logan Morrison

Has anyone noticed that, despite beating the Braves yesterday (this'll bring about some bad luck, but I don't care,) the Marlins are really bad all of a sudden? I mean, when even Ozzie Guillen is left speechless, that can't be good, am I right? Omar and Anibal were swapped, and more may be traded. Anyway, cards again.

207 Cory Luebke
45 Ewa Matay mini (Can you read her poker face?)

This design is really sharp. I see how folks get hooked on Ginter, though it's just a bit too rich for my taste. (Read: expensive :)

Pack 2:

CC10 Culinary Curiosities-Muktuk
BH-5 Baseball Highlight Brooks Robinson
4 Yu Darvish RC (NICE! This sucker, along with all of the rest of the cards, is up for trade.)
WIN41 What's in a name Timothy Leroy Lincecum
82 Giancarlo Stanton (This is really weird-already a third of the Marlins team has been pulled!)
5 David Price (#'s 4 and 5 in the same pack...I'd complain about poor collation if not for the Darvish)

So there you have it. Winning never gets old-thanks again to Brian and if you're interested in anything posted above, leave a comment!

-Except the spider monkey, really can't help you there. Sorry.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Contest Sighted!

Over at the Angels, In Order! Check it out, and see the new EMOTION Blog, and be fulfilled.

And don't you even think about winning my precious! :)


Check it out!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daniel Cooley Uggla: A Profile and cardboard Tribute

"These are the parameters of the interview, provided by solicitous Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez: no questions about the environment, nothing about politics and definitely do not bring up Russia's space program. In interrogating a slugging second baseman who's occasionally stumped by the postgame 'What pitch did you hit?' question, the guidelines are helpful. Uggla admits that he's not always certain if he has just clobbered a fastball or a changeup. 'He's a ballplayer,' Gonzalez says, grinning at the thought of his favorite workingman's big leaguer. 'Stick with baseball.'"

--From SI.com piece on Uggla, "Don't Ever Change, Dan Uggla," June 30th, 2008.

Dan Uggla is a player often categorized as a strikeout, or home run/doubles hitter. A power guy, Dan has slightly improved his rather anemic defense since joining the Braves in the 2010-2011 offseason. A couple of weeks ago, braveswire.com described Uggla as "hustling" in an infield that includes the glove man Andrelton Simmons and the solid anchor of Freddie Freeman. Don't get me started on the third base situation though.

While with the Marlins, before being airbrushed into a Braves uniform, I really couldn't stand Uggla. He and the other eight singles hitters in Florida's lineup killed the Braves. And the thing is, now that he's with the Braves, I only cautiously like the guy. You can bet that the minute he leaves the Braves I will go back to disliking him. Something about him is reliably unreliable...

Ahhh, Defense again. Uggla's defense was, well, uggla last year. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Leading the NL in errors with 15, he also had a 33 game hit streak. Very polarized statistics.

 Dan still comes off as a folksy guy, though. Was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and attended High School and College in Tennessee. He's no "Tony Plush," or Brandon Phillips. He is of Swedish descent.
TTM-wise, Uggla does not sign well via team, according to SCF. However, there are other addresses for him you might consider pursuing, if you're into that kinda thing.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cards from Jeff Laws!

Jeff Laws from My Sports Cards Obsession recently had a Braves cards giveaway, and I was able to receive some goodies from him! Thanks to Jeff and here are the spoils, such as they are.

The Topps Ticket to Stardom cards (sandwiched in the middle there) are nice. Doesn't hurt to have a Chipper in the package!

The OPC Black parallels are stylish. Did UD really only bring back O-Pee-Chee for one year???

Thanks to Jeff Laws! Also, another contest plug for a dual jersey relic #'d to 15!!!!!! 15!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't get a whole lot better than that!!! Link:

Chunter Out!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012