Friday, December 28, 2012

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It's almost here!
 The holidays. I personally view them (blog-wise) as a trade-off: fewer posts=bad, Christmas retail blasters=good! That's all okay though; 2013 spring training is but a few short months away, R.A. Dickey is out of the NL East (thanks, Toronto), and trade packages still abound.

Not so recently, but then, not so long ago, Jack of  Pursuit of Jacoby and Pursuit of Red Sox and Pursuit of  80's(ness) persuaded me into a team trade. These are always good, I thought, and replied that I would be interested. After receiving his cards, I amassed a package of Red Sox (his team) to send to Great Britain.
Tangent time: OK, so one of my sincerely beloved relatives, at whose house Christmas was spent, owned a Sega Genesis video game console. Got that? So, one of the games we played on it was "Road Rash" a violent-sounding game involving motorcycles racing (and sometimes shooting at) each other in races in different countries around the world. One race site of the several available was the U.K., which, as I remember, had some sort of bagpipe background music on it, and seemed to be in the Irish countryside, as there was lots of farmland and chickens in the cartoony backdrop. It was relatively fun, though, except for the part where you got knocked off your bike and had to run across the finish line.

Now, then. The cards from Jack:

Did I say cards? I meant stamps. I have a thing for stamps, and asked Jack for some UK stamps. Not only did he overlook any strangeness in said request, (this is a baseball card blog trade, after all) he fulfilled it very well with this book of stamps commemorating the Summer Olympic Games. If postage really isn't your thing though, feel free to re-read our favorite Cardboard Junkie's take on stamp collecting.
MLB Showdown cards! With which, you can totally tell that the All-Star Game has been played in Milwaukee in some year. That Marlin player looking over Andruw Jones's shoulder looks a) slightly suspect, as if he as something to hide, and b) like he isn't quite pulling off the Fu Manchu.
Black Bordered? Chipper Jones? Mm-hm. Gold bordered cards are also nice. If you receive another copy of the same serial-numbered card (e.g. two gold-borders), do you keep it?
If you haven't picked up on it yet, though, all these cards have marks through from the scan-not on-card. J. R. Graham is not much of a heralded player, I don't think. He got a weird airbrushing job to say the least.

2008 TriStar Projections Tommy Hanson. An interesting design here, but considering that there are fewer cards that are autographed than not, why have all that blank space? Comes off as a classy card though.

What company did TriStar again?
This card has another interesting design. The Braves logo is sort of floating, and Mike has been cropped at some point on all of his limbs. How does he maintain that mullet with only one gloved hand?
2003 Donruss Estrallas Gary Sheffield: They just seem like a set Pacific has already done. These cards are written up in complete Spanish, with the exception of player and team names. This set has grown on me since getting some of the cards in, yes, trade packages.

I like grouping Chipper Jones and Murph cards together. The Kaybee card was new, and kind of oddball, and the Stadium Club has a pretty sweet ballpark shot.
The Braves uniform choices have made some news in recent days for their new batting practice caps. Personally, I think the "Homer" mascot looks much more, well, offensive. Seriously, from the humongous cap bill to the turtleneck-under-uniform to the mustache...thing, he doesn't exactly make one want to have a picture taken with him. At all.

Oh, and a Heyward. Toppstown inserts strike again!
Mark two Gary Sheffield cards that impressed me from this trade package. This is a 2003 Fleer Platinum MLB Scouting Report folder deal. Numbered /400, this is #166. I like the Attributes being "Thunder," "Lightning," and "Frightening."

Thanks Jack for the trade! Sorry it took forever to get this up in a post!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Call it an Early Christmas Present

I have an inkling I'm getting into a bit of rut of using worn-out Christmas phrases for blog post titles. Ought I consider this phenomenon? Bah, Humbug! On an odd and slightly random note (random asides are always the best, amiright?), Mike Kenny of So, do you like...Stuff? is reviewing strange and little-known holiday specials. It's an exercise in hilarity. I advise you to head on over that way once you finish reading this post.

William of Foul Bunt recently mailed me a large, flat envelope. Much too big for baseball cards, say. What might be inside?



Admit it, you can't avoid staring at the '70s sideburns. Don't know about you-I think of Fillmore any time I hear "'70s."
Once opened, I pulled out this nice-sized poster of an unnamed guy (I'm assuming not a Brave player himself) with a Goody's ad for a hat, and a 1976 Braves Schedule! Cool stuff.

You can't see it from the scan, but the text sandwiched between the "June" and "September" calendars on the right side lists promotional dates for the Braves' home games in '76. These include "Old Tyme Cap Day," and "Don Davidson Night" (the Braves traveling secretary) along with the more dubious-sounding "Halters for Ladies." Um. Don't forget about "Belt Night," "Farmers Night" (Anyone wearing overalls gets $1 off admission), and the always-exciting "Equipment Bag Night." Amusing...

Apparently this isn't the only Goody's Braves schedule from the mid-to-late '70s, either. An eBay auction for this one from 1977 has a BIN of $40. Pic of said poster:

Stolen Borrowed images rule the day.

William attached a note: "James, I promised this to you a while back, but here is the 1977 Braves schedule I found. It's a bit rough, but I hope you still like it." Classy. Background: Several months ago William sent me an e-mail about the poster saying he found it and would be interested in sending it my way. No objections from me. The Goody's poster actually goes great with another piece of Braves memorabilia I acquired some time ago. I'll save it for a future post.

Thanks to William, and adios to all of you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Into the Spirit of the Season!

I mean, of course, the wantlist making. When it comes to 2012 Topps base Braves, I haven't been shy about accepting cards. I have (variations excluded) a complete team set of Topps S1 for 2012. I will be putting up an S2 wantlist soon, but here is my Update wantlist for Braves right now:

US2 Kris Medlen
US41 Juan Francisco
US56 Matt Diaz
US103 Jack Wilson
US153 Paul Maholm, got it
US159 Ben Sheets
US166 Chipper Jones All-Star
US232 Andrelton Simmons RC
US250   Cristhian Martinez
US268 Craig Kimbrel All-Star
US311 Dan Uggla All-Star
US314 Eric O'Flaherty

Let me know if you can help me out, and vice versa!