Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Regrouping, Revamping

So, since finishing the 1987 Topps set (FINALLY! I’M SO HAPPY!), I wanted to redirect focus to some new sets and player collections I plan to revamp and begin.
I have had the old 1992 Coca-cola Nolan Ryan set up for…a while. I need to get more aggressive if I want to finish that set, and one way to do that is to nag you on my blog. I really don’t want to do that, so if you have any cards from that lovely set, please offer to trade them to me, if only to shut me up J
Continuing on…Sets. I have decided to collect one, and only one, complete set this year. The set?

That marvelous cardboard assemblage needs to be arranged. In ‘Merican, help me complete this set.
Wantlist coming up as you read these very characters on this web log.
Another set I long to collect is the 2003 Topps set. I know a few folks on the blogoverse have attempted this set, and I really like it. Colors, design, etc. are all things I like about it. So it'll go up on the set want list too.
What you may have noticed in my collecting focus is that I’m not obsessed with every new product. Case in point: I’ve opened two 2012 packs this year. And I won those in a contest. I don’t try to collect every set, and I don’t chase inserts, etc. simply because they exist. I love trading with those who do, because I acquire doubles in trades, and when I do purchase material, and I can exchange what someone else needs for something I like: Braves cards. (Oooohh…shinee.) So if you want to complete every Topps set each year, knock yourself out. But as for me, I’m fine with sitting out unless I’m just really drawn to the design.
Player collections are another key focus for me. I mean, Braves cards are amazing, but my buddies Zane Smith, Tony Tarasco, and Otis Nixon need some, I guess, “cool” card people to partake of binder space too. Like maybe even “minor stars,” (whatever that means) to paraphrase the Beckett.
Speaking of which, I seriously still want to try to figure out Rowland Office’s amazing catch date still. The underlings are researching data now. Ya know, that sounds like a Fantastic Catch to me-I wonder if there’s a picture of it somewhere…
Back on topic: here’s the new PC list: Tacked up on the board w/Bo, Chippa, and Murph, I have added Eck the Scrappy, Chili Davis (The Poor Man’s Chipper), and some current (and former) Tampa Rays who I got to follow through the Montgomery Biscuits: Matt Moore and John Jaso. The tab list got too big for the top of my blog, so I moved it to the side. I feel so proud of my creative web designing skills (Ha).
I kind of want to do a little tribute to Eckstein by collecting his cards. So I’ll digress a little now, and probably again in another post.
I first read about the mad skills of Mr. Eckstein in a Highlights magazine. I know, right? But, I mean, the guy was amazing, okay, and he won a World Series, and his family even had some sort of heretical kidney problems! (Not making this up!) So when Eckstein started playing for the Padres (my seventh favorite team-Boo-yah!), I followed him, and when he sort of, kind of, faded-away-without-formally-retiring retired, I was sad. And now, when Mike Kenny spends time poking at him by comparing him to Rex Hudler, I feel like I ought to do something other than whine in his comment section. Thus began the PC of Eckstein.

Um, I think there was a punctuation traffic jam in that last paragraph.
Anyway, with the magnificent conclusion to the 1987 Topps set, I would like to do some “highlight” sketches of my favorite cards. I know it’s been done by better bloggers than me, but there’s so much stupid in this set, it oughta be good fun to lampoon the funny men on our cards.
Last but not least, I exhort you to peruse these fine blogs praising the wood-grain bordered set.
Oh, what the heck: 
I really wish I knew what happened to the 1987 Topps blogspot blogger, but I have a hunch that writing about every card doesn’t have enough juice to last through 792 posts. That’s primarily why I’d like to highlight just my favorites.
That ought to be that. Oh, and you know the Braves are sucking right now. Um, yeah, so lack of team posts=poor get the idea. C'mon Braves! Smack them Phillies upside the head, why dontcha?

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