Friday, August 24, 2012


 (Love that movie, by the way.)

For a long long long time, I've had a little dealie in the corner of my blog page list for 1987 Topps. For a long long long time, I've had a placeholder "pending!" notice up there. Well, it's time to change that.
Card number #597 (knew that from memory, didn't even have to look back at the card) finally arrived in my hot little hands not an hour ago courtesy of Jack, of All Tribe Baseball. Jack has been gracious all throughout the time I've had that pending notice up, as I don't think he was content to send me just 1987 Topps-no, he had to get some Bravos out my way. In doing so, Mr. Schmidt got lost in the cards (pun completely intended) and was sent last with even more Braves. Thanks so much Jack; I will try to get some scans up of the cards you sent me very soon!

It has been well worth the wait, but I'm ready to start on another project, are you ready?
Another card Jack sent me, hint hint as to said project :)

Thanks again to Jack, and every other blogger who helped me complete this set!!! I really appreciate all your help!!!

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Glad to be of help. Sorry it took so long !