Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cards from Scott Crawford!

Scott Crawford and I recently made a deal for some baseball (and football) cards. Scott chronicled his side of the trade over thisaway. As for me, I got a nice little pile of Bo's, Chippas, and Murfs. Check it out:

Desite the chronic airbrushing on the Post card, I kinda like the design. It's...patriotic. Bo bunting card is funny. Throw in a Rookie card and you've got yourself a nice little grouping.
Bo football cards! Yes! Always looking for those. Chipper Classic Prospects Rookie Card! Chipper looks like he's ready to fall asleep. The Bo Jackson portrait card looks pretty classy.
Dale Murphy cards, both as a Brave and a Phillie. I had exactly 0 of these Murphy cards, so that was pretty nice. More Post! Exactly how were those Post sets issued, I wonder. Cereal boxes??? The McDonald's marks another food-issue card. I am totally lovin' it.
Oh, and that's not all! Scott included a Bo Jackson Topps SUPER ROOKIE!!! 

Bo looks very determined in this shot. This card should be titled: "Determination in the face of high expectations of Superiority: Bo Jackson, Football Player." Very sweet card imo.

Scott rounded it all out with some more Dale Murphy cards. The Diamond Kings card is awesome. The 1991 Donruss, well, accurate :) I like the other cards showing Dale in stance and batting. Good stuff!

Great cards Scott, very pleased with everything-thanks for the trade!

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