Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Blog! Trade! Look!

So perusing the interwebs, I came across a new baseball card blog:


Cool stuff!

A Joisey guy, Anthony is ambitiously trying to collect all the diamond shinies from 2011 Topps, and Yankee stuff as well. He has really comprehensive wantlists-see them if you have any of those sparklies or 2012 golden parallels for trade!

I myself swapped Anthony some shinies and a Jeter patch, and received this relic to pass along to a certain blogger, and some Bravos for the collection:

 OK, since Archives is $3 a pack, it's kind of turned me off from ripping packs, but I have to say these '71s look sharp! I know folks have said that the card stock is too thin, but I think it really is fine. Maybe we've been spoiled on the thickie A&G base cards too long; I dunno...
 Figured I'd post the Chipper card back. Not bad. The back is meant to be like the originals, and I get that:

As you can tell, though, the original is not as bright and shiny, and has considerably less sideways type!

Still good stuff; Thanks to Anthony-go check him out! Well, not him, just his blog. Sorry for any confusion!

Chunter, out!

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Cool card ! (the Braves cards are alright too ! )
Your package went into the mail today.