Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bunted, and...Fouled off: Trade with William from Foul Bunt

Recently a certain William of Foul Bunt had the benevolence to send these cards to me gratis. Thanks William, and enjoy the post!
If happiness is a Chipper Jones baseball card, sadness is a whited-out Chipper Jones baseball card.
Ah, 1990 Donruss. Would people like the set more if it only included cards of Tom Glavine? Oh, and an Escobar code card!
Sum more Gintery Goodness…
Mike Minor in mind, the signing of Paul Maholm ascertains the fact that the Braves are probably not counting on the services of Ben Sheets next year. Is it only a matter of time until Sheets blows a ligament, really?
Included in the package were a couple of, shall we say, elongated cardboard rhombi. The said rhombi depicted a Mr. Gregory Maddux in pitching pose. One particular cardboard piece claimed him as one of the “Game Breakers,” a most select group, certainly. Photographs, please, you say? Have at it:
Maddux is the Majors’ “Master of the Mound.”
Well then, this is aristocratic highbrow nonsense if there ever was such! Use of the words “Major,” “Master,” (deemed illegal in California) and even an alliteration usage!  Say, what do you think you are, Fleer corporation design squad? Grammarians? I imagine you peering down your nose at me while you say this, you…you…elongator of cardboard!!!
There was another Fleer concoction in the package:
And the back:

Apparently Greg is the only member of the Braves team as no teammates of his are visible in any of the five (count ‘em) shots of Doggy. Makes my mind wander...
Bobby Cox, before Braves game:
Alright, guys, I know you’re all excited about today’s game, but I’m sorry. It’s Greg’s night to pitch, and a Fleer photographer insisted that you guys not be visible in any of his shots. I’m benching all of you but Greg and catch and putting you all on the DL until midnight.
Tony Tarasco:
But Skip, what if a guy hits a fly to deep center?
Cox, trying to blow off player while discreetly holding Maddux 1994 Fleer card:
Psssh, Tony, calm down, okay? We’re talking about friggin’ Greg Maddux, here!  Listen to the stats-Greg strengthened his claim on  the title of best pitcher in baseball with his second straight Cy last year!!! Know the only other guy to accomplish this feat? Some guy named Sandy Koufax! So just sit back in the dugout and enjoy the show, a’ight?

*Little Known Fact*: Fleer baseball card makers decided in 1994 to lengthen their baseball cards, adding a touch of stylistic polish so that managers could make them blend in with their stat sheets more easily and also not risk being caught with “kids’ toys.” You heard it here first.

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