Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cards from Cam!

Cam of the Bullpen Cardboard blog recently sent me some Braves cards. I guess it was one of those deals that isn't a trade per se, but I was more than happy to send some stuff back. Check it out!

The Niekro had a crease across Phil's forearm: no biggie! I don't mind "well-loved cards." I have a bunch of Braves 77's, and really enjoy the design. By the way, did you see that Jair Jurrjens went to the hospital yesterday? Apparently he was dehydrated while pitching...

I guess I should throw out before giving any more Jurrjens updates by saying that I did get the chance to meet Jurrjens when the Braves Caravan came to my area this year. Got an IP autograph and a few words-he seemed like a really nice guy as he and the other Braves stayed a little past duration of their alloted autograph time, even though there were times when people were just trickling in to get autographs at the Academy Sports store where the Caravan was held. So I feel for him a little more as he's had a really tough year and a half. Here's hoping for the best, Jair!
Cam said he had a Dale surprise and this was it! A Murph RC-another 77 Topps I can find a place for! I actually had another Dale Murphy rookie card, but hey, shared bounty among friends maketh...oh, never mind. Thanks Cam!

Personally, this was my favorite card of the lot. A Brandon Jones Topps Opening Day RC that Cam got an IP Autograph on!!! The blue pen contrasts really well with this set.

I really like the 08 Topps Opening Day set-maybe more than the base set. Even though Jones currently receives paychecks from the Kansas City T-Bones, I will see if I can't get some more Braves autos on these cards.

Thanks again to Cam and I hope to get out a "thank-you" package to you soon!

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