Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oscar Gamble or Braves cards? Why not both?!?

Mark, of is currently running a trading extravaganza. By that, I mean: Mark, who collects baseball cards (according to the header on his blog), is currently cleaning house. Sort of like what the Marlins appear to be doing. So get yourself some, if you want!
I stuck with Braves cards (mostly), including this Kelly Johnson Turkey red. Among Kelly's accomplishments are hitting for the cycle, being named NL player of the month in 2010, and fielding pop-ups with his face. Okay, maybe not so much that last one. I like this card though.

Grabbed a couple of cards of the Mighty Murphy.

As he is on my Blogger thumbnail picture, I felt somewhat obligated to grab an available Oscar Gamble. Plus, he still has the hair! LOOK AT THE HAIR!!!

Topps succeeded in snapping a pic of Glavine in his new (if despised) Mets uni in 2003 after he exited the Big A. You can bet if then was now, and now was then, though, that Glavine would have gotten himself a Photoshop job. I'll take this over a 'shopped version of Tommy any day!

Finally, a Chipper card in the mix. You knew there was gonna be one, didn't you? A leaders card from this past set, Chipper shares space with an AL West player and a .238 hitter in 2012. Um...can you say turnover?

Gratias ad Marcus Do, et valete ad omnibus!

(I give thanks to Mark, and fare well to all of you!)

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