Monday, June 11, 2012

Where have you gone, Ryan Church?

I've remained strong yet, me hearties! Firmly entrenched without buying 2012 product yet, I have resolved to stay firm until the arrival of a certain set in July. Can you guess which one? Mystery...

I probably shouldn't have uttered triumph over the collecting universe yet, seeing as I purchased three 2010 Topps packs in a moment of weakness in front of the $1.59 Target bin...poorly Played. And no, I pulled nothing spectacular, unless Ryan Church base cards drive you wild. They didn't make me smile. However, while the guy has not played since 2010, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about him. In fact, that's pretty difficult when you have Triplicates of this card. But having multiple cards of a scrub does not a full impression make. Elmo wants to know more about Ryan Church!

Using the powers of the internet, I have learned that Ryan has witnessed a Triple Play in his career. That's pretty special. He once made a faux pas remark on Judaism, which he later apologized for. He also once remarked that baseball is a game based on failure. Wikipedia?

"After struggling in the first month of the 2005 season Church was considered a candidate for the Rookie of the Year Award, until he injured himself running into the outfield wall at PNC Park on June 22, 2005."


"In spring training 2008, Church was involved in a collision with first baseman Marlon Anderson that resulted in a Grade 2 concussion for Church. He recovered without any serious injuries."

Ouch again.

"On May 20, 2008, Church suffered a minor concussion while sliding into Atlanta Braves shortstop Yunel Escobar. It appeared as though when Church initially slid, his head made contact with Escobar's right knee. Following Church hitting his head, he slid about eight feet past second base with his forehead dragging on the dirt. Church made his return to the starting lineup on June 1, 2008...however, he was [later] placed on the disabled list with aftereffects of the concussion he suffered."

Triple Ouches. Man, this guy couldn't catch a break, could he?

"On September 28, Church made the final out in Shea Stadium history in a 4-2 Mets loss."

Did this go on the back of his Topps card in '09?

So much for Wikipedia. Didn't find anything much else on Church besides a somewhat amusing interview before the 2008 season in which he mostly discussed his newborn son's feeding schedule. Read, if you wish and are strong of stomach. He is also a good through the mail autograph signer, and he might even answer a question or two from his home in Florida.

Ryan Church, everybody. (Applause)

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