Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Flurry of Trades, Pt. 1

"A Startling Whirlwhind of Opportunity"
In the past several weeks, I have completed quite a few trades. Since I have made it a habit to show appreciation by posting cards from trades before filing them away, I shall do so here now.
First off, the Joneses and others from Topher at Crackin Wax! Via his "Take My Cards" offer, I was able to place a request, then receive these cards from "a set...Indiana Jones would collect."

 I like Eckstein, okay (sorry about that lopped off shoulder, David)! And Pujols and Thome are cool too. So that's that-thanks Topher!

And here are some Dales, courtesy of Kevin over at the . Kevin, being the generous chap that he is, delivered these and the following cards to me complete gratis! Danke schön Kevin!


Some very neat Chippers here:

Chipper Bat Card...And Pacific Spanish too! Cool!

(Scan doesn't do this shiny card justice. And yes, that is Japanese.)


There were also some Bo's, which were scuttled away somewhere, but I have managed to put up on the Bo Jackson Have List! Feel free to take a crack at it of your own!

So, thanks again to Topher, and to Kevin! More trades to come I hope, and I will be posting about more finished trades soon!

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