Saturday, June 2, 2012

He had a Hammer: 1987 Fleer Johnny Ray

Even 5' 11" Second basemen have to keep that arm strength up, wot?

Nickname on bat: "The Kid"

From: Chouteau, Oklahoma.

I can see it now-Johnny gettin' ribbed about being from a small town out in the middle of nowhere, and then silencing them with a low voice of anger, even mild wrath: "Don't ya'll be knockin' Cho-to, boys. They make mighty good Amish cheese there. And baseball playas.

"See this card? That's me, swingin' a hammer. On an Astroturf field, even, darnit! And look on the back, see? I bat "Both." That's both SIDES OF THE PLATE, to you, Barry, ya little rookie!!! AND WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT, AT THE SAME TIME!!! SO SHUT UP, YOU GOT ME?!?"

Johnny Ray returns to locker, resumes changing into mesh uniform and stripedy pants with laces on the outside. Contemplates changing nickname to "The Man." No, maybe "El Hombre." Nah, too gimmicky. Decides to just stick with "Kid." Gives baseball card to small child.

Just another day in the life of Johnny Ray.

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Jeremy said...

I'll have to try out the Amish Cheese house the next time I'm in the area. Thanks for the heads up.