Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Flurry of Trades Pt. 3

Triple "trade" post today (two of these packages were gifts-happiness!), and we start with...Capewood's Collections. Capewood had a "Summer Clearance sale" and I jumped at it. Some great stuff...Hey, me like a GQ!
(Yes that is actually Tom Glavine in the card on the top left, boys and girls. Sorry to confuse you. -Donruss)

And a mini!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I am probably a little to excited about this particular baseball card considering it's...Dion James. But still!

Love the back cartoon. This was obviously pre-Randy Johnson.

But this, however, was unprecedented.

Wow, um, four more B-Mac cards than I needed, and Kimbrels, and Venters...ah well. Capewood, despite the...um...multiple bippages, I accept your offering. Thanks so much for the trade!
We're ascending the final few feet of this mountain of a set...1987 Topps. These cards came wonderfully gratis of The Night Owl, also known as Greg. A tip of the baseball card hat to him!

Iooss on Bonds: "All the guys who are perceived as a------s are a------s, especially Barry Bonds. The editors of SI KIDS called up in early 2004 and said, "We've got Willie Mays and Barry Bonds in San Francisco. You wanna photograph them?" I said, "Hell, yes." Bonds was just jacked. I mean, his body was sculpted. The reporter for SI KIDS asked him, "What was your favorite subject in school?" He said, "Math, just so I could count money." And he was serious." --Walter Iooss, Jr.
Perhaps despite being an unpleasant fellow, this little tidbit concerning Barry's major at Arizona State may help explain his good fortune in our American court systems...Ah, who am I kidding-he can afford lawyers. Thanks again, Greg!

Last, and yes, probably least, I am posting some 2009 Upper Deck first edition...

The Baltimore Orioles sent me theses in a fan pack recently. If you're collecting 2009 First Ed., or are just really desperate for cards, (me, me!) send the O's an e-mail.


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The Orioles send out First Edition cards of random teams ... whaaaaa?