Friday, June 29, 2012

A wantlist exposition and Contest Winnings!

First things first everyone, I am still pending completion of the 1987 Topps set. Cards are in the mail at last word. The next set I am raring to start is the 1992 Coca-cola Nolan Ryan set, which has a sort of Donruss design/make. I'm linking to the Night Owl for a little expose on the Met version of one of these Ryans.

I really like this design. The gold border, and the fact that it's friggin NOLAN RYAN on the cards gives it a desirable sort of quality to me. Throw in the fact that I have several of these cards already on my have list and I know the set is within the realm of finishability, if that's even a word. (I have my suspicions, and I wrote it...)

Anyway, that's that. Any Ryan lovers or Astros/Mets/Rangers collectors, you gots any these for me? I like trades.

Last but not least (Do you ever wonder when someone says that which one is the least?) Weston from Fantastic Catch (personally, I prefer the fantabulous catch, don't you?) sent me these terrific Rookie Cards including Chipper Jones (who else?!) for winning his contest which, among other things, required one to identify the autograph of

The spoils:

Can Chipper even bend his knees that far anymore?

2012 Bowman has surprisingly grown on me and a lot of people, I think.

'Sup, Hammie!
Booyah! Thanks so much Weston! Hope to make a trade for some mo' Chippas soon!
I'm out, ya'll.

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