Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Flurry of Trades pt. 4

"Let's wrap it up, and bring it home!" -Michael Geisen, 2008 National Teacher of the Year
To round out this flurry of trading, a triple header marks today. The tradees: myself and Andrew, Smed, and Jeremy. First off, a trade with Andrew of Andrews Baseball Cards-results below:

Andrew had some cool stuff for me, including Chipper, a shiny Francoeur, and some 2012 material. A good trading buddy, he deserves a hyperlink...or two!

Next up is Smed's Cards, the proprietor of which is also known as Scott. By knocking off some stuff from his wantlists, I was able to procure these treasures:

O Andrew, how far have you fallen...


I love me some vintagey vintage, albeit well-worn. Paul Casanova on 1975 Topps...WINNER!

I'm going to have to post on Uggla soon.

This 09 OPC is growin' on me...
Oh, yeah and just this random RELIC!!!! WINNER x2!!!! Me like-a Prado!

There was a lot more to this trade, but I don't have time to scan all the stuff. Please do know that it was good, although in an interesting twist, the package included a near-complete team set of 1986 Donruss. Anyway, moving on.... Jeremy. Jeremy actually initiated this trade, meaning I guess I've arrived as a blogger. Rather than going after others (which I don't mind doing...Why don't you go take a look my wantlist), I had Jeremy contact me via a comment on my trade list. He sent some cards that I was honestly blown away by (and amused, see below)...

Rowland Office was one of many 1980 Topps cards Jeremy sent my way...really love the vintage unis!

On the back we are told Rowland Office (who is this guy, again???) is "still" credited with making the greatest catch ever in Atlanta Stadium (aka Fulton-County Stadium, or The Launching Pad), to rob Homer, which at first looks like a player's name. Okay. Google test time.

....Sounds of me googling....

-So he has a site, which is not run by him:                               
-The Palm Beach Post wrote a somber article on him, referencing his catch, in 1982 after he was dealt to Montreal:,446920&id=wAAtAAAAIBAJ

...And after some long, penetrating research (largely drawing on deduction and, I've narrowed down this game to one of these four:

Braves Game #11 04-19-1977 vs San Diego Padres 4-1 W 6-5
Braves Game #11 12 04-20-1977 vs San Diego Padres 2-0 W 7-5
Braves Game #11 71 06-26-1977 vs San Diego Padres 8-5 W 27-44
Braves Game #11 141 09-09-1977 vs San Diego Padres 8-6 W 52-89

These are the only 1977 games both Mike Ivie (the batter that hit the ball Office caught) of the Padres, and Office played, in Atlanta, with Office playing in the field for at least part of the game. Anyone able to deduce this down to one game??? I offer up a prize of undisclosed identity to whoever can figure it out, just to make things interesting. Next,

Dale Murphy + Mini = Awesome/Cool + classic

A poorly attended game in the background that a Pirates catcher there behind Diaz?

Now this is a cool card. I had actually never seen one of these "Victory" Inserts before, but the back says that they were inspired by 1940s propaganda. (These were inserted into 2009 Updates and Highlights, I also learned.) Throw in the fact it's Chipper Jones, and voila! Another great addition to the PC! 

Topps Big is like 1989 Bowman's cousin. I wouldn't be surprised if they were cut with the same machines.


 For those of you who can't read that cartoon (everyone), the sign behind the distracted Joseph Pocoroba says, quote, "GO GET 'EM, BRUD". Wow. A 1980s Topps cartoonist tries his hand at slang talkin'.

 As dusk falls, Phil Niekro demonstrates his knuckleball grip, then rides off into the sunset.

 And to close out, MINIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

Thanks to Andrew, Scott and Jeremy for the trades! Chunter out!

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Jeremy said...

I'm glad you liked the cards. I know a lot more about Rowland Office now so that's good. Haha. Interesting guy. Thanks for the trade man.