Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Flurry of Trades, Pt. 2

 Like that pic? I figure as long as I'm posting trades, I might as well make it interesting.

Here's some scans of what Brian of In the Ballpark swapped with me for some Yankees off my Trade Bait page at the top of the blog.

Murphy cards! Even in the hated Phillies uniform, Dale overrides any team hatred with his smiling mug. Good stuff.

A non-Phillie Dale mini (!) and some Chipper, and some Tommy Glavine. The Tom Glavine was numbered, at that! (Forget to what...too lazy to look it up. Sorry.)

Chippas...Yes! Love the Peter Gammons card, and the 06 Topps is a Blue Parallel, the likes of which I had never seen before. And hey, look, it's a 1993 Upper Deck RC!

And last but not least, a shiny, chromy Chipper, a Dale Murphy that looks odd to say the least, and an 07 Topps base Chipper Jones card. Very cool stuff and thanks again to Brian!

You know, that last Dale Murphy card makes him look like he's wearing some sort of pajamas. Can't even tell who the card company is either...

And yes, I know my blog is now a future google search result for "dale murphy pajamas." Couldn't resist :)

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