Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trade With Weston of Fantastic Catch, Part One!

I'm back. Undaunted by summer allergies and a weekend trip to Montgomery (post upcoming about that), I'm here to recount a fantastic series of trades with Weston of blog Fantastic Catch. Since he and I have swapped a lot of cards, I'm going to break this up into a few posts. I have to say it's been odd not blogging for a couple of weeks. Last night, I think I dreamed of trying to hold another contest. Anyway...
Included along with the following cards were some Sports Illustrated Braves baseball preview article clippings. A while back, SI famously did a baseball preview on Sidd Finch for April Fool's day. As I prepare to fly to Boston this weekend for the Harvard journalism camp, I thought it was cool that Sidd also reputedly attended Harvard.
What would improve Topps Opening Day? As has been chronicled by other blogs, it's basically a mimicry of the base set, only with different inserts and photos of Tim Hudson (hoping he gets well soon, by the way). If Opening Day is going to be released after S1, I'd agree that the two products need to be merged. What do you think?

Some goofy cards I found. Aside from the blank stares of Harper and Smith, something seems odd about Cliff Speck's photo. And apparently, Chris Seelbach lives on the baseball field.
These were some nice cards of Christian Bethancourt, now toiling in the minor leagues for the Mississippi Braves. If the Braves ever change their minor league team names to not reflect the parent club's, I vote for changing Mississippi's to the Queens. If you know what I mean...
Some long-lost 2010 set needs! Still looking for J-Hey's rookie card and the Dale Murphy SP...if you have these available for trade, let me know!
Last, some Eckstein PC needs! Eck recently surfaced as an assistant coach for the USA U18 team for the World Cup in late August. It'll be interesting to see whether Eckstein becomes a coach in the major leagues down the road. I wonder, Can he or anyone inculate hustle? What about grit?

Thanks to Weston for the cards, and look for another post sooner than in two weeks!

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