Monday, August 12, 2013

URLs are such a goofy business

What is Klout?
This past week I've been at Harvard College for a journalism camp. One of the tasks I took on was spearheading the camp website, which I'll link to once we have it fully up. Coming up with the URL for this website (which I actually used Wordpress to create) made be wonder a little bit about the silliness I've seen of websites and their respective URLs in general. Examples?

According to my Blogger stats, something called has generated a bunch of hits for this here blog lately. After clicking on what first appears to be a misspelling of Roger Federer's name, you get some sort of E-Book listing for a publication about basics of Blogger. Whaaaa???

Another hit generator is, which isn't quite what it sounds like (it's Google for the Bahamans).

This contest post, for a contest I wasn't having, is the most-viewed post on the blog, due to an unexpected flood of searches for "angry nick saban" into the search engines. I mean, the photo wasn't even that great...


I'm no Bama fan, but even I know the Nick-tator's not to be messed with. He barely cracked a smile with the championship trophy on this card!

And by the way, is for sale. Are there any odd URLs or website links you've come across in blogging?

[Update: I promise to put up a 'real' post soon. I'm separated from my computer pictures of both cards from trades and shots from Harvard/Boston.]

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