Thursday, July 18, 2013

Harvard, Dale Murphy, and the City of Detroit (Trade with TMV)

In other news, I've been accepted to Harvard....'s summer journalism camp. I'm pretty pumped, and expect nothing less than to run into Jeremy Lin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. (Okay, maybe not Ryan Fitzpatrick.)

A bunch of Harvard MBA students hit up the Motor City last week to help local businesses as part of a nationwide tour. Despite their best efforts, and having a pretty darn good baseball team this year, the City of Detroit declared bankruptcy. And yet their good baseball team carries on, helped by triple king Prince Fielder and fellow Michiganders, like Dennis of blog Too Many Verlanders.

One of the cards Dennis sent to me in 2 successive trade packages was this Dale Murphy Panini jersey card. Behold it in all its unlicensed glory!
 It's numbered to 99, according to the back side:
Now, along with my other two Murphy cards I had (below), I've completed a Murph trifecta! 

Of course, if you have any other Dale Murphy autos, rookies, or jersey cards, feel free to ask me for something in a trade! I'd love anything not on my Have List to add to this collection!
Of course, that Dale jersey card wasn't all Dennis sent me. He also shot me a Matt Moore Bowman,

 Some bizarre Panini cards (which I really needed for my set),
And a fuzzy Chipper Jones card! Now, I'm not being weirdly sentimental when I say that. This card has a texture like velvet on the green part. Representing...grass? I've gotta say I've never touched grass that felt like that. I did a little digging, and fellow blogger PunkRockPaint made a funny parody of this Velvety Chipper:
Pilfered from Mr. PunkRockPaint
And so there you have it. Dennis sent a bunch of other stuff too...but time was against me. Go visit his blog and make a trade with him, he's super cool about making them. In the meantime, I'll be working on my Boston accent. Thanks to Dennis for the trade!

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Wow, congrats James. Keep up the good work!