Friday, July 12, 2013

What do All-Star Freddie Freeman and Ross Perot have in common? (2013 GQ from Andrews BB Cards)

Recently Andrew of the ABC blog held a group break for some 2013 Gypsy Queen. I never buy the stuff in packs, but the lure of getting a bunch of Braves cards without having to get rid of doubles? Too good to resist! Andrew gave me the Braves and the Astros in this break. See what I got.

A set of nine, including 19.7 million-vote receiving Freddie Freeman! To put that in perspective, online ballot-stuffers aside, that's about 15% of the 2012 presidential popular vote. So if Freeman had run as the nominee of the Braves Party, he could have tallied about the same numbers as Ross Perot in '92!

Back to the GQ cards-I like the design okay-the backgrounds look like the color of money. When Topps said they recycled wrappers, they didn't mean they recycled dollar bills to make cards too, did they?
A card of BJ and his miniature, as well as an airbrushed CJ, and another All-Star Kimbrel. Nice stuff!
A nice shot of Spahn, though the zombie-esque skin kind of leaps out at you here. What do the backs look like?
Remember how I said I had the Braves and the 'Stros in the break? Well, I didn't get any GQ Astro cards. I'm perfectly happy to get all Braves, but Andrew said that wasn't enough. He generously threw in a bunch of Heritage Braves and Astros, including a chromie card of the now-departed Michael Bourn. For going above and beyond the call of duty, I thank you Andrew. Thanks for the cards!

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