Friday, April 26, 2013

Like Bryce Harper and/or want some cards? (2013 Topps Opening Day Pack Rip)

So how about a rack pack rip of 2013 Opening Day? You know, the set that celebrates a semi-holiday that occurred nigh a month ago? Hey, why not? Let's get to work on ripping (what Eminem might call) some cold product.

(Keeping this one)
Interestingly enough, the first card pulled out of a 2013 pack for this Braves fan is the card that took the longest to get for the S1 rendition of Topps. Oh, and it's a Brave! So far so good.
2 out of 3 guys I knew before this pack rip. Looks like Aoki left the third base coach hanging there.
Harper has been claimed
Hey look! Mascot card! Flying Met! Bryce Harper! The Harper insert, and all other cards without a "keeper" subtitle, is and are up for grabs.

Harper has been claimed
Another Harper insert! This along with a bearded Bumgarner and a clean-shaven Cano.
David Price is currently mired in trade rumors right now. The Rays have a history of dealing pitchers before having them suck up payroll, hence the rumors abound. Pitcher Zimmermann currently has the most wins for the Nats, and Chris Davis is just excited about geting a fist bump-looking...thing.

Keeping the Wainwright
I really don't have anything to say about these guys. So I won't. Holding the Wainwright card for any of my three Cardinal-collecting trade partners.
Hey, it's that Jurickson Profar guy. Between Profar and Oscar Taveras, there's a lot of Rookie of the Year-type conversations going on in the blogs. Oh, and the guy you saw of the front of the pack - Prince Fielder.

Hechavarria has been claimed
A crop of young players. Starlin Castro, with an SI cover story behind him, had a mini-hitting-streak going for 14 games. Addison Reed, meanwhile, has been racking up saves. And Adeiny sits on the DL for the miserable Marlins. I would say something along the lines of, "Stinks to be a Marlin," but I can't bring myself. Jeffery Loria, man...
Morrison has been claimed
Another Marlin, a V-Mart, and Cahill on the hill. Those guys in the background on the Martinez card seem to be in a rather unsafe location.
Keeping the Tulo set aside for Cards on Cards

Jemile Weeks? Minor leaguer? Pssh. Give me Troy making news with childhood mullets anyday. Shoot, I'll post the picture to save a click:

As Deb would say, "Now, make a fist. Slowly ease it up underneath your chin..."

Thus ends a magical frolic through a 2013 Topps Opening Day rack pack. I do hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to claim any cards I haven't tabbed to keep. Though I would love any sparkly Braves paralells if you have 'em, I don't expect anything in return. Adios!

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