Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some new Braves additions!

Braves are 2-0 after last night's win over the Phillies. Let the Upton era begin!

I welcome the start of the season as I try to forget about my horrible, no good, very bad bracket. I never do brackets, and after a pretty okay start (thank you, Oregon) I was feeling pretty high on mine. I then went on to pick a grand total of 0 correct Final Four teams. Darn Wichita State/Michigan/Syracuse! I take the blame for not picking Louisville.

One of the cool things about blogging is coming across new ones. I was recently able to make a small trade with Josh of one such blog, Pence, Nix, and Pierre. I hope that by seeing what I got you'll be motivated to help Josh add to his collections of, well, Pence, Nix, and (Juan) Pierre.

 A couple of horizontal shots. I still haven't received a Masterpiece card I didn't like.
These were some oddball issues I hadn't seen before. The one on the left is a 1990 Swell Satchel Paige. At first I wasn't sure how I didn't know Satchel was a Brave, but Google told me he wasn't a player but a coach in the 1960s.
Chipper Jones Twitter account continues to make news.
Another Dale Murphy card, and a colorful 1992 Topps Kids Steve Avery. The silhouettes in the background really make that card for me.
This is the back, depicting Steve's giant leap from high school to a major league ballpark, as well as a criminal with a handgun. Ah, the (relatively) politically incorrect '90s.
To close out with a bang, Josh also sent me my first Chipper Jones relic card! From  2011 Lineage, this is a sweet addition to the PC!

Thanks to Josh for the cards, and the trade!

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Anonymous said...

That's a great looking Jones Masterpieces card, but the Satchel Paige "Swell" card is so much more than just swell! One for the bespectacled history books, right there. Nice one!