Friday, April 12, 2013

Trade with Dawgbones, a Phillies Fan! (Part 1)

After an 8-1 start, the Braves head to Washington to face the Nationals in a 3-game weekend series. The Braves haven't begun a season this well since 1994 (13-1), and I don't expect them to eclipse that against the Nats. But it should still be an interesting series, for sure! Evan Gattis has been a nice surprise this year.
I'm still behind in trade posts, but this helps catch me up a little. This was a good trade too, with blogger Dawgbones of blog "Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan!" You can read about what I sent him here. Without further ado...

One author I really like has said he thinks of Canada as the “fifty-first state.” I guess that’s what Panini was thinking when they included JB in the Panini Americana set. I do not know, though, why Dawgbones included Biebs in the card package.
Holy Green Gypsy Queen minis, Batman! I know why this was in the package, as this mini card was actually one of the Queen cards that ignited this trade. A nice add to my Chipper Jones PC!
Old school uniforms = swag
I don’t really remember Zack Taylor at all, which is not surprising, given he was a mid-to-late 1920s catcher for the Boston rendition of the Braves. I learned this from the back of this Sporting News card, and also that he was the manager who sent Eddie Gaedel (the midget) to the plate for the St. Louis Browns on pain of death by Bill Veeck.
This card makes me think “hologram” more than anything else (though it isn't really). It is also a rookie card of the other Jones on the Braves-not Andruw, not Chipper, but Brandon. Brandon is now with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, hosts of the 2013 Atlantic League of Professional Baseball All-Star Game.
Another shiny card with a player named Jones! These Pacific cards are indescribably flashy. Like gold jewelry on every appendage of someone’s body kind of flashy. I really like this card, though; the crown gives it a nice flair.
These were some colorful cards. 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack. I show the Tom Glavine because it's Tom Glavine, and the Deion Sanders because on the back...

he looks like the Tasmanian Devil, and is praised for being the fastest man in baseball. Considering Deion apparently has whirlwind for legs, UD wasn’t going out on that much of a limb, I’d say.
I'll post up the rest of the cards in a bit. Thanks to Dawgbones for the trade!


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

The Bieber was sent to me in by Spankee, of My Cardboard Mistress. I don't know why he was sent to me, so I thought I'd forward the favor... maybe one of these trades, he'll find a good home!!

Anonymous said...

The Pacific and those 93's are gems. Nice pick-ups!