Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trade With Dawgbones (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Trading with Dawgbones series, part 2! With a relic involved in this trade that I saved for last, you don't want to miss this!

Straight cards now: 
Upper Deck X is a product people seem to love or hate. I like it myself, and the 2009 version (which this McCann happens to be) is my personal favorite rendition of the product. (Pushes glasses back up nose.)
Some Pieces of History, also of Upper Deck origin. The Chipper Jones card is, appropriately, card #10 in the set.
Ke$ha apparently got to this card
2001 Fleer EX Greg Maddux.  You can't really tell from the scan, but the front seems to have been glitter-fied. Fun fact off the back: 2000 was a year in which Maddux had a better record against the entire American League than he did against the Expos (3-0 vs 2-0)!
I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with inserts as 2012 has become 2013. I had to look at the back to see that this is nice Hank Aaron die-cut from last year’s Topps set.
This card is rather bizarre. It took several different glances at this card to see that the jersey-ripping fellow is actually emerging from a TV SET. In the middle of a baseball (?) park. The back identifies him as “The man who is called Prime Time,” and Deion Sanders is apparently his “Alias.” Um, ohhh-kay.
I played one of these scratch off baseball cards one time-I think it was the Expos vs. Pirates one, so there wasn’t a whole lot of value lost from that card. Nice shirt Ventura’s wearing.
Third-year card of B-Mac-this is a nice shot. My great-granddad, a Braves fan, would often refer to Brian as “a big ol’ boy.” Pretty accurate description, Lol.
This is the first Bowman’s Brightest insert I have received, and it’s of Freddie Freeman. Freeman will be out of commission for the next couple of weeks due to a strained oblique. We'll see how that affects the current series against the Nats.

A couple of exes. Ex-Braves, I mean. Mike Hampton is retired as of 2011 and Trey hasn't played in the bigs since 2003. I like the vintage design on the Hodges card, though.
Target Red parallel of Cristhian Martinez, whose first name is torturing my spellcheck. Martinez was also placed on the DL after Frank Wren acquired reliever Luis Alaya.
This was probably the highlight of the trade-a 2012 GQ Tim Hudson Mini relic. I like classy cards, and this  card definitely fits that description.
Thanks to Dawgbones for the trade! Dawgbones is a great guy to trade with; go and give his blog a look!

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