Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Trade Post Just Around The (Hot) Corner!

This pilfered image brought to you courtesy of the Internet.
A quickie trade post? Really? It's been too long. Alas. In other news, the Braves won a game. That's pleasing. Don't care to see what Pat of Hot Corner Cards sent me? That's okay. Go ahead and do whatever it was you were going to do this evening. Listen to Prairie Home Companion, sup, or whatnot. For the rest of you, some parallels:
Dan Uggla has been around long enough to accumulate quite a few of these. Rookie year was 2006, about when collectors started picking up on shenanigans at Topps. The green/golden firestorm parallels? Wha...??? Nevertheless, I'll take them. Thanks Pat!
But that, as the fellow said, is not all. This was one of the items off Pat's Trade Bait page (you should really take a look at it) that I had to have. I can't remember what I sent him in return, it's been awhile. (I hope it was good though-this card is sweet.) This is one of the now two jersey cards I have of Mr. Jones.
The reason I don't have a lot of Braves to scan and show was that Pat included a bunch of cards for trading partners of mine (who may have already reaped the rewards) that I've set aside for them. In the meanwhile, some Bowman cards and another Dan Uggla card!

That's it...for now. I'd like to do a little contest soon. Be on the lookout, and thanks again to Pat!

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