Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Politically Incorrect Team Names Collide!


Jack, of All Tribe Baseball, and I, recently(ish) completed a pretty big series of trades. In these, I sent him gobs of Indians cards, and he sent me gobs of Braves cards and finished my 1987 Topps set. In return for this goodness, I have neglected Jack and his cards. I feel sorry for this. But I digress.

Pirated image from Nachos Grande. Arrgh!
This was the one card/poster that set off the latest round of trading between Jack and I. Chris of Nachos Grande mailed it to Jack for a "Trade Stack" dealie, who, in turn, mailed it to me. Success!

Jack sent me more stuff too, like this McGwire second-year card. It was one of the last 1987 Topps cards I needed, and one that I foolishly left out to get crumpled. Oh well. If this were 1972 Topps I might go for a replacement, but, really, it's not; I will not worry about it.

Chipper and Dale cards, including some stickers! Does anyone use the actual stickers for anything whatsoever? I mean, I could easily use the Expos ones for kindling (kidding), but beyond that, you could use this as a regular card too. I mean, it's the Collector's Choice.
I would say I picked to scan this card because Billy Sylvester was just that he was such an awesome pitcher for the Braves in the early 2000's that I simply had to, but that would be lying. I mean, come on, the dude doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. Really Billy? So why did I scan this card? Chops, man. You can't ignore them.
I've never seen these cards before. Note the airbrushed helmet. I think Duracell would be a lot more appealing company if they had a fuzzy mascot that played a percussion instrument too. But that's just me.
 I really like these black metal cards. Like, a lot.
 Sportflix in the house!
Is it pa-jah-muz or pa-jay-uh-muz? Inquiring minds...
Mini! The arrival of a mini into the Chipp n Dale house merits exclamation points any day. Dale is, however in pajamas. So just one exclamation point for that.
These are pretty sweet cards. I like 'um good. Kenshin Kawakami was fun to have around while he lasted. I mean, come on, doesn't want a pitcher with two K's for intials???
First batteries, now hot dogs! Definitely more baseball related. I had never seen these before and they're pretty neat too. Dislike airbrushing <sad face>
 Card back. This background drawing is reminiscent of 1980's/90's childrens cartoons. On VHS tapes...

This was pretty sweet-I'll close out with it. Topps Coins Dale Murphy! Sorry for the fuzzy scans-I tried to get the front...
...and the back. There you have it! Thanks to Jack from the Tribing Blog, and I certainly recommend doing a trade with Jack if the Indians are overwhelming your trade box! Adios!

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