Friday, September 21, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Love the fall! Between college football, the MLB season wrapping up and postseason beginning, and the freakin' awesome weather, fall is the bomb.

Moving on to cardboard. Today is World Gratitude Day, and I'm grateful for this:

I purchased my first 2012 baseball pack over the weekend. My choices were Topps, Panini, or those weird Pete Rose card sets. Am I the last one? Anyway, 2012 Panini Triple Play was the one to do the trick. Wal-Mart, it seems, has finally come around and I purchased one of these for a mere 98 cents.

Wal-Mart isn't the only one to come around though-I think I'm one of the last ones to try a pack of Triple Play too! If anyone would like to exorcise any 2012 Panini cards, look my way! Wantlists are up, everybody! :-)
And so it begins
Josh Hammy on the front. Absence of team logos. Need to "look for" those tattoos, eye blacks, and stickers. Will they be found???
 Card numero uno: Adam Jones. Scanner cut off the bottom. I love the black feathers in the background.
 Next we have Geovany Soto. You've already picked up on the fact that multiple artists drew the players. Geovany definitely looks different from Adam up there.
 Buster Posey puzzle piece 9 of 9. Nice rendition of Buster's formerly injured left knee. Buster's having a beast season this year-apparently it's healed well!

Looks a little like Evan Longoria. Check that-those are pinstripes.
  Sticker! Showing a nameless player making a "Great Catch!" Okay....
 Miggy focusing.
Justin Morneau is a superstar! Either that, or they didn't want to have twin brothers (sisters?) as the background photo for this card, so they went with the vortex space one. I really like the player numbers on the front. That's pretty neat.

Pretty sure those are water oak leaves.
 Last card-Yoenis Cespedes puzzle piece 3 of 9. Yoenis faltered this season after starting out really well. Hoping he can do well for the A's, who need it.

Awesome! No "hits," like the game-used stuff, but a sticker and some puzzle pieces, with the best part being these were all cards I needed to complete this set! (Starting to collect a set can be fun, too!) Once again, if you have any unwanted 2012 Panini cards from this set, I would love to make a trade. Looking forward to getting the set put together, puzzle pieces, stickers, game-used, and all! Will you be trying to do the set/collect your team's cards? I will keep you in mind for when I start accumulating doubles if you just let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section. Thanks!

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