Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Index Cards

With ink on them
The contrast of looping color and stark white

I wax poetic due to the recent return of this little guy.

Ah yes, you've just been suckered into reading another Bobby Doerr TTM return. Seriously though, Doerr is a prolific signer, one who doesn't deny an autograph request through the mail. Ask yourself this: If I were 93 94 years old, would I sign every scrap of paper someone sent my way?

I rest my case. One amusing instance with this return, however, was that Doerr neglected to answer my question I sent him in a letter. The question? Why is Robert Doerr's middle name Pershing? I kind of came up with that question out of the blue, but I still wonder. Any help?

For those who are interested, Mr. Doerr can still be reached at the address found here.

An intriguing article by Thomas Owens about Doerr's autographing is found here.

Thanks for checking out me blog. I know I need to catch up on some trade posts-scanning, scanning, scanning equals fun, fun, fun! No seriously, I love getting stuff and trading it for other stuff. It's just like Nick Saban said, though-it's a process.

Shifting gears to wrap it up,

Remembering 9/11. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the deadly plane crashes 11 years ago today. These kind of losses really do mean so much more than those of any team.

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