Monday, May 21, 2012

Trade with Jack from All Tribe Baseball!

After seeing Jack from All Tribe Baseball's   Trading Box post back in January, I asked Jack if I could do the same kind of thing with a Braves batch of cards. It was very simple. Jack filled the box with Braves cards, and I am now almost done filling it with Indians to send back to him. Ta-da!

Of the 3 team bags full he sent, here was the stuff I liked enought to scan (a laborious and almost physically painful process) Check it out!

The alltime Cardinals pinch-hit leader (Thanks Wikipedia) is enshrined on an 89 Topps mini. Excellent.

Crooked Scan. Drat. Wait-a clean-shaven Smoltz? Huh?

I can definitely see why bloggers are collecting this set. It's very, in a word, pretty.

Just an innocent 2012 Topps card, moving right along...Hey! Get outta my binder! Oh, wait, it's a Chipper...never mind.

Fancy, techy (?) Chipper.

Largest numeral I've seen in a design, on the Maddux...

And an unopened pack of 2003 Donruss Estrellas! (Estrellas sounds like a Sesame Street Spanish word of the day)

-Javier Vasques
-Larry Walker
-Jose Contreras Chromie thing
Pedro Martinez mini poster

A Pujols,

And a Rickey. He is crying because the Red Sox will release him at the end of the 2002 season, forcing him to play for the Newark Bears, then the Dodgers. So much for playing for the Sox in 2004.

So there you have 't. A lotta Braves, and some Spanish words as well! This post has been sponsored by the Letter I,

and the Number 4!
And of course, Jack from All Tribe. Thanks again, Jack, and I will get those cards out to you in the near future.

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