Monday, May 21, 2012

A Minor Concern

Ah, a team post. I've been pushing back doing a Braves post, because, well, when the Orioles and Rays are tied for first in the AL East, you know the season's still finding its footing. Anyhoo, Mike Minor.

Looks sad, doesn't he? You would be pensive too if you had a 7.09 ERA.


Tonight Mike Minor, former Vandy student-athlete vs. Mike Leake, Cincinnati Red whose first pro start was for the Big League ballclub.


Here's the beef: Mike Minor is one of many of the Braves young arms. There is certainly no shame for the Braves to send Minor down and call up a Julio Teheran or bring Kris Medlen out of the bullpen. The question for Atlanta, though, is: Is Minor losing his stuff, or does he just need to adjust? Jair Jurrjens, Atlanta's former ace last season, has fallen off the face of the map after getting rocked in AAA for 11 runs. One doesn't have to look back far to see the last Braves starter who was highly-touted, then flamed out: Kenshin Kawakami is back in Japan.

I think personally that Minor will rebound, but perhaps be moved to the BP. I hope he can at least recover, because a young arm in the pen is not something you forego, especially if the alternative is having an inconsistent starter.

Here's to hoping Mike can get things going tonight, and make none of the above a possibility!

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flywheels said...

Minor is having a rough night...