Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good things come to those who wait: Trade with Colbey from Cardboard Collections!

Mail time!

 Colbey was, I believe the first blogger I started a trade with. He was not the first I completed one with, but the wait was definitely worth it.
 A fellow Braves blogger, Colbey a mess of nice Braves cards to trade me; all it took was some stuff off his wantlist. This helps me out on the Chipper PC too! ("Have" lists coming-not finished quite yet!)
Finest is a very cool set-Colbey knocked a bunch of Braves out, should I get into this set. (Probably won't.)

 Finest wasn't the only curl in the card package though. Do I spy some Jheri as well, Mr. Ramirez?

Nope, just fuzzy hair. Naturally fuzzy? Hm. 
Best Ever Jheri Curl Quote: "Robert 'Bobby Jo' Reid would wear Jheri Curl in his hair to make it all wet and shiny. I call that stuff 'juices and berries.' Bobby Jo had it on all the time, and I'd get on him: 'I know your pillowcase must be a spongy mess from all those juices and berries.' One time he told us his high school, college, and pro (Houston) jerseys were all retired, and I said, 'Yeah, and each one is dripping juices and berries.'"
--Muggsy Bogues
--In the Land of Giants
Robert "Bobby Jo" Reid


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Don't you just love those "more cards than I know what to do with" trades?

flywheels said...

I've got another stack in the works for you for later on down the road! One day I'll get my want lists updated again!

James B. Anama said...

Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


JayBee Anama

Chunter said...

But of course! How could you not!? :)