Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Medlen" with the Rotation

So we're stuck in an 8-game skid. Fire the manager! No, just kidding. Skids and streaks are part of the game. However, Mike Minor is in deep trouble right now. So the Braves are set to send this guy:
down the road to AAA Gwinnett to become...gasp!...a STARTER! All kidding aside, I think Medlen will do fine. I'm getting increasingly worried about Minor though. It's funny. When Minor and Beachy were rookies, I liked Minor as opposed to Beachy as a starter. Changes this year. I still hope Minor'll bounce back-maybe the next R. A. Dickey?
Good luck, Kris!

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flywheels said...

I'm going to see Gwinnett play this weekend...I hope Medlen will start on Sunday!