Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mail Time! Free Cards from Topher!

Topher over at Crackin' Wax has had a free card offer running for his 2012 Topps cards. Nothing to sneeze at, either, and for just 2 stamps, I received these in the mail!

2012 Gypsy Queen
Future Stars Freddie Freeman

Base Freddie Freeman
Brian McCann
Chipper Jones (Walk-off wins never hurt one's legacy, even if they are May games!)
Shin-soo Choo
Carlos Santana (Because the Braves are not the only Native American-named team I collect! I kid-Indians are for a pending trade.)

2012 Topps Freddie Freeman (I am not collecting this set, I am not collecting this set, I am not collecting this set...)

2012 Heritage
Jhonny Peralta (If he ever changes his name to Pheralta, I will hate him so much. As if Jhonny wasn't enough. Someday, Jhonny Peralta, Giancarlo Stanton, and Coco Crisp will all play together as pseudo-punishment for giving official game scorers habitual fits of rage)
Chase Headley (I do have a healthy liking for the Padres...)

Varsity Trading Cards bonus (Ooo!) card: Cole O'Heron Caledonia Warriors (Are high school players allowed chewing tobacco? Or worse, is O'Heron mimicking a certain Dan Uggla, or even Ian Kennedy? Ay!)

Cool cards! Thanks Topher for letting me snag some wax!

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