Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trade With William-Final Part!

Like Peter Jackson did with the Hobbit, I've managed to broadcast one event three separate times. Something tells me I won't be raking in millions for posting about cards, though considering the big gift William sent me, maybe I could. I'll save it for the end of this post.

Also, look for a contest involving prizes very soon. Like in the next few days kind of soon. You might want to bookmark this site. Really.
Dale Murphy as a Phillie? Conflicting. Jimmie Dean did a clever job of hiding that all-offensive logo, though. These are keepers.
Hometown Heroes inserts aren't something I get a lot of. I like the bunting on this one of Jason Heyward, who I'm rooting to get out of this .146 hitting slump.
Panini Cooperstown cards are kind of hard to come by, so I appreciated this one Will sent of Ed Mathews. 

Okay, so the majority of these cards didn't come in a bubble-wrapped package like many other bloggers and I are used to-they came is a large brown box of packing peanuts containing...

These boys. The ink, unfortunately, is about that fuzzy in real life. Will said in a note with the package he had acquired these from a co-worker of his and wanted to pass them along as a b-day gift. Along with two other clean Braves balls, these two auto balls will soon find some good holders! (No, I haven't gotten them out of the packing peanuts...yet.) Thanks to William for the balls, the cards, and the birthday thought! Now I need to do a little detective work to decode whose sigs are on them!

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William Regenthal said...

I don't know who signed them, but I do know they are inscribed "To Jamie", pretty close to James, but not quite, haha. I'm really glad you liked them man.