Monday, June 10, 2013

Contest here...Almost!

Hi guys,

I'm prepping for a contest here and wanted to bump blogrolls while showing off cards from a handful of recent trades.

A couple of 2013 Heritage cards from Card Anathema. The Bourn is one of the chrome parallels. Bourn has continued to be productive for the streaky Indians, and is hitting .302 at the time I write this. That's almost twice as high as current Braves CF B.J. Upton's, incidentally...sigh.

 These now are some cards from Crackin' Wax's "Take My Cards" promo. I really like this card of B-Mac.
 Banana-yellow backs. Hmm.
Spahn looks a bit zombie-esque in this shot, but I love the vintage uniform/glove. Also, borders? Wow!

Last, Uncle Doc sent me some cards from his closet. These were just a few of the cards that took a nice bite out of my 2003 Topps wantlist!

Thanks, in order, to Card Anathema, Crackin Wax, and Uncle Doc! Again, everyone keep an eye open for my contest soon! Adios!

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