Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trade With William, Part Dos

I'm back. Back to churning out images of baseball cards and comments on them. This is the second part of a chronicle of assorted trades with William of Foul Bunt, who will reap the rewards of a hyperlink each time I spit a phrase about this trade. Whoa-that went a little gangsta right there. Said the white rural red-state male. Maybe I should just stick to what I normally do around here... 
There are always a handful of card insert subsets that flash for a brief few days on blogs, then disappear as the next set shows up. I think Topps Gold Rush was one, but I might just have been reading the wrong blogs.
Darrell Evans. He just looks like a manager in this shot. Evans played his last game before this card was made, as he batted a rather miserable .207 in 1989. According to, his nickname was "Howdy Doody," which I'm sure has been mentioned elsewhere before. I didn't know it though!
Going high end with Bowman Platinum of Brandon Drury, a name that I haven't heard before outside of cards. Reason probably being he went to Arizona in the Justin Upton deal last winter.
Another cropped card; this one depicting Jones swinging a bat, with bright white and a burst of sky in the background.
Some swell pick-ups, of two very different uniforms for the same team. Johnny Sain must not be on the Topps-licensed list, as I've seen a ton of Warren Spahn cards and virtually none of the Boston Braves Spahn-Sain duo.

My first rookie card of the now returned Braves catcher. Between McCann and Evan Gattis, there's a lot of chatter that Gerald Laird is the odd catcher out for the Braves. Former backup David Ross might be wishing he were benchwarming in Atlanta rather than recovering from a concussion playing for the Red Sox.
 And to top it off for this trade segment, a Jeff Francoeur mini. Nice. But hang on...
This isn't just any JF mini-it's a Bazooka red back Jeff Francoeur mini! William, you've done it again-thanks for these goodies as well!

Coming up: the last (and I think, best) installment of the trade!

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William Regenthal said...

I'm really glad you liked the cards buddy. Thank you for the awesomely kind words, I really appreciate it. You're a great guy!!