Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trade With Brian of Base Set Calling!

***Don't forget the contest!*** (3 hours left!)

Brian of Base Set Calling and I completed a trade recently. In it, I hauled in this white whale:

2012 Topps Update Chipper Jones SP
 That's the first screw-down case I've gotten, ever! And that card is a great segue into mentioning that Chipper's jersey number is being retired  by the way. I'm sure that'll be an awesome game to go to, and I wish I could be there. Ah well.
Ignore the Scotch tape, ahem. This Matt Diaz, I do believe, completes my 2012 Update Braves set. Huzzah!
And a random Martinez, just because.

And that's it! Brian's an awesome trade partner, and he's chasing a bunch of those pink and camo parallels from 2013 Topps. If you have any, drop him a line. Thanks to him for this trade!

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Need More Cardboard said...

Really wish I could be at Chipper's jersey retirement game too. I saw earlier that they've released SRO tickets. But alas living 4 hours from Atlanta...