Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take These Cards Away-2010 Topps Heritage Pack

Back in 2010, I bought a pack of Topps Heritage, none of which I really wanted nor do I still want. Who benefits from this? You, the reader! If you just send me an email or comment telling me what you want and an SASE, any or all of these six 3-year-old cards can be yours. If you are working on a trade with me right now, just let me know what cards you want added to your stack. First-come, first-served is how this is going to work. Now, have at it!

Fun fact: 4 of 6 of these players have been/are currently Braves players since 2010!
2010 Topps Heritage Dan Uggla #252 2010 Topps Heritage Juan Fransisco #287 RC
2010 Topps Heritage Gerald Laird #192
2010 Topps Heritage Coco Crisp #277
2010 Topps Heritage James Loney #310
2010 Topps Heritage Derrek Lee #299

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