Friday, September 27, 2013

Trade With Fantastic Catch, Part 2

Back in the summer, I posted up the first part of some trades I've made with Wes of Fantastic Catch. I've been alternately too lazy or too busy (mostly the latter) to post these up, mostly because, alas, I have joined the online site Listia. As better writers have chronicled, Listia allows you to take other people's stuff (with computer money) for free (in real-life money). I haven't listed many cards yet, but if you're interested in some Miami Dolphins swag, find my auctions here.

I didn't scan them, but Wes also sent several Sports Illustrated clippings of the MLB season preview issue. The Braves surprised a lot of folks by beating out the Nats for the NL East this year, including SI.

Cards now, here we go:

Obverse and reverse of a Warren Spahn reprint card. Classic uniforms plus cartoons of a guy swinging at a pitch over his shoulder? Too good to resist.
Braves beards, past and present. Fun fact, courtesy of Wikipedia: Bob Wickman was good at throwing sinker pitches, which he credited a childhood farming accident (involving a fan?) with helping him to do.
This was a 1988 Topps Coin of half-smiling Dale Murphy from my and Weston's meetup last spring (first blogger-to-blogger one for me). You think he looks bored now, just be glad he's not on a cheap non-metal Topps Chip(z?).
Some nice photos for these cards. I really like the shot of Heyward sliding. J-Hey hasn't had near as many steals as last year, sitting at 2 with a handful of games to go, compared to last year when he had 21.
 Bo, Chip, and Murphy! Let's see the back of the Chipper card:
When you're a non-MLB licensed card manufacturer, you gotta do what it takes to fill up card backs. Apparently, that includes cutting and pasting from players' websites.
Now, this ought to be a good sign! (This particular bunch of cards was for my birthday back in, oh, February. I'm playing catchup.)
 Some 2013 parallels of fellow Alabama boy Hank Aaron. So far so great!
I really wish all blue parallels could be numbered cards, like these Opening Day parallels.
Up Close and Personal with David Justice? Sounds like something that would be on VH1. The Heritage insert below it is, in contrast, a neat idea (design-wise).
 A fantastic mess of Chipper Jones cards!
I feel like I have almost as many black OPC parallels as I do white base ones from that 2009 set. Most of these have in fact come from Wes.
Some more Hank Aaron goodness...
 And PC needs as well!
Eric O'Flaherty is about to be able to stop signing autographs in the clubhouse and get back on the field-according to the AJC he's recently started rehab from Tommy John surgery. Nevertheless, this is a pretty sig from what I believe was a through-the-mail autograph request.
 Why Allen and Ginter is not really that lame.
2010 Topps Pro Debut Freddie Freeman Blue parallel, numbered 148/369
It's so weird how pictures of athletes such as Freddie on cards can make them seem so young. Wearing #30 just yesterday, now he's getting ejected in games against the Brewers. That said, Carlos Gomez was rather a jerk.
Target red parallel of Jair Jurjenns! I almost never get these, so receiving this one was fantastic (pun completely intended)!
Salcedo and Simmons and (another) Freeman, oh my! Even a Matt Moore in there for my PC! A great way to round out the package, and a big thank you to Weston over at Fantastic Catch for the trades. Till next post, see you on Listia!

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