Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Capitol City Comics (and baseball cards): Montgomery pt. 2

What would you say is one of the best things about collecting baseball cards? I would probably say...going to card shops. This is the second card shop in Alabama I've been to (shoot, second one overall), and would you look at that, you can't even tell from the sign!

Capital City Comics has not only comics (though that's most of it): I was able to find Topps from the last 3 years, as well as some junk wax boxes and even a little vintage. I spent a grand total of one dollar, but feel like I got the better end of the deal. I was able to snag some pickups for trade partners, which is kind of where I'm at right now in collecting, for better or worse. The shop was a pretty good place to pick up some wax, and if you find yourself in Montgomery, Alabama anytime soon, it may be your best card shop option.


After checking out CCC, I had the chance to go with a family member to a mega-fan mancave. He runs a sports memorabilia website as well, and sells plenty of autographs and stuff on eBay. Visit his site if you're looking at getting any Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, College and Pro football, baseball, sports certified autographed memorabilia and tickets - it's http://www.viceauthenticsmemorabilia.com

One general question: for you autographers: what kind of pens do you like to use best? One I was recommended to use is the Uniball Jetpen (blue ink). But what do you use, for baseballs especially? Let me know what you think!

Look for some new trade posts coming up next!

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Captain Canuck said...

on a genuine MLB baseball, the best pen to use is the Bic ballpoint pen. You know, the clear one with the blue pointy cap.

As for 8x10's, Sharpies.