Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NLDS Post-Game thoughts/Trade with ToppsGuy

Did the Braves really just lose in the first round again?

Maybe I shouldn't be too shocked about the Braves' loss to the Dodgers Monday night. After all, they're still a very young team that was hit by a lot of could say it was just a matter of time before they ran out of gas. Even Chipper Jones harbored no illusions about the Braves before the NLDS; he correctly predicted a series loss in 4 games, and got a team boycott for his first-pitch appearance in return.

One of the teams I'll be mildly rooting for the rest of the way is the Detroit Tigers, due to family-from-Michigan influences. One Tigers fan, ToppsGuy of the blog Baseball Cards and Life, and I made a trade a while back. Here are some of the results on my end:
Minor was the lone winning pitcher of the Dodgers series, and the former Vanderbilt Commodore twirled 6+ innings of 1-run ball. Mike has lowered his ERA each year since debuting in 2010; I think he'll be pretty solid next year.
Thanks to a recent Listia win, I can now play with Wes Helms on the Baseball Advance game (GameBoy Advance, y'all). He tends to strike out more than not, however.
Poorly-scanned Maddux parallel from 1993 Topps. Greg's brother Mike has expressed interest in the Cubs' managerial job. Considering their last two managers are Mike Quade and Dale Sveum, I suppose they could do worse.
Back of a Brian Jordan card, on which we learn a piece of obscure sports/teevee trivia; who knew Jordan was a "Young and the Restless" fan? Well, Wikipedia, obviously.
I have literally 7 doubles of this one card. It's getting ripe for a Bipping...
Nice insert card of B-Mac/Bench, albeit a bit grid-looking. Hm.

Ahh! Original and Archived Bob Watson cards! This was not the only Archives card ToppsGuy sent my way.
Yeah, the rest of these are Archives. Do you like how they handled this design? For dual rookie cards, Topps chopped off the other (or two or three other players) to get the one they wanted. 'cause no one really wanted to look at Kevin Pasley anymore.
 You know your facial hair is serious when cutting it off makes news. Could have also been a slow news day, though, too. I'll give you that.
I seriously have way too many Eddie Mathews reprint cards. I'd love it if Topps picked another vintage-card-era player to overproduce. Anytime!

Thanks to ToppsGuy for the card and the trade!

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