Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 'Stuff' Great Trades are Made of!

Man, I can’t tell you how much I’m excited about Spring Training. From the meaningless games meant almost solely for the sake of getting pitchers loose to inducing month long injuries to some Yankee players, it is just one big part . Hey, Bud, bring on the World Baseball Classic! We want more baseball, darn it! Gosh.

Sarcasm aside, I think the point of spring training is to give guys like Gonzalo Lopez a day in the sun.
Or, perhaps, warm up Jake Stevens for a long season of major league benchwarming.
Oh, who am I kidding. You know the crowds in Florida and Arizona are hoping to catch a glimpse of guys like Dan Uggla, not Kevin Gryboski.
That doesn’t mean I can’t like their cards though.

Schuyler of blog Schuyler's Stuff and I started a trade towards the end of 2012, and just completed it in the past week or so. All cards in this post were a result of the trade, which was well worth the wait, I would say. Schuyler sent me some terrific stuff. Two plastic baggies full of mostly 2000-2005 era stuff, not to mention this classy Tim Hudson Heritage relic from last year's release.
Schuyler is also a Bowman brand collector, which was evident as he included this chrome Arodys Vizcaino prospect card. Vizcaino, hailing from the Dominican Republic, is a 22-year-old fireballer who went to the Cubs in the Paul Maholm trade.

These were some sweet Rafael Furcal cards too, from 2005 UD and 03 Bowman Heritage. That has got to be the happiest base slide I've seen on a card.
And of course some cards for my player collections. These Chipper cards were pretty awesome:

...And a Maddux die-cut. The photo is sharp, but not sure what Donruss was, um, thinking for the design outline, which resembles the letter Z.
This was my favorite Bo Jackson card.
All in all, good stuff from Schuyler! Thanks for the trade!

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