Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peter Michael Moylan: a Profile and a Cardboard Tribute

Lost in the vortex of coverage that was the Justin Upton trade was the departure of Peter Moylan from the Braves. Now with a minor-league deal for the Dodgers, Pete will try to stay healthy and work back up to the bigs with a 34-year-old arm.

It's been an interesting ride for Moylan, as he made a well-chronicled journey from selling drugs for a living (okay, so they were pharmaceuticals) in Australia to the World Baseball Classic to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The man has inked arms and a Twitterfeud with Nickelback on his resume, and apparently moonlights as a Pennsylvania dentist (that last item may or may not be completely accurate). He describes himself on Twitter as "an Aussie bloke living the American Dream."

Moylan was recently non-tendered by Atlanta, which is tantamount to saying "the Braves didn't want to pay him as much as his contract called for, so they released him." He's been bitten by the injury bug in the past couple of years, so that's understandable.

He's not a very uptight guy in the clubhouse, it seems, as Moylan was named by the majority of Braves players in a fan magazine questionnaire as the funniest guy on the team. This in terms of his jocular humor, I'm pretty sure.

I have only 2 cards of Moylan: his 2011 Topps Update base card, and the gold parallel. Exciting stuff, I know. Moylan only has a handful of cards, though, so I have a bit of an excuse. This based on the inventory on COMC...

If you haven't been able to tell from my monologue, I'm going to miss Moylan, maybe more than Prado. Just his personality, I think, is enough to keep young guys like Kimbrel and Venters loose in the clubhouse. Like many managers say, "I hope he does well-unless he's playing us." Have a great year Moylan, except against the Braves!

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