Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baseball Card Trivia, Ed Olwine-Style.

Pop Quiz: What do Ed Olwine (1984-1987 major league baseball player) and Taylor Swift (an American singer/songwriter) have in common?

Ed Olwine, 1987 Topps #159, everyone.
This has to do with baseball cards, I promise.
Was going through my 87 Topps doubles and realized I have three or four extra Ed Olwine cards. Out of ennui and boredom at seeing ol' Ed's card front, I checked out the back.
And here is the point. See where I used MS Paint to point out Ed Olwine's hometown?

See it?

Hyannis Port, besides being Ed Olwine's home as of 1987, is an affluent summer community of 115 residents, according to Wikipedia. In the summer, the population is 573. Last year, Ms. Swift reportedly bought a house in the same neighborhood as some Kennedys. So the answer, then, both owned property in the same town as 571 other people (including the Kennedys)!

In digging up recent stuff on Olwine, particularly, I ran across this article in the AJC. It seems Ed has gone into real estate in the past decade and a half, which is interesting. Wonder how much he flipped the Massachusetts house for?

By the way, another fun fact about Ed: Despite the outward vestiges of team loyalty in the stat line, Ed was owned by 5 different major league teams, including the Mets, White Sox, Royals, and Yankees, though he never appeared in a game for any team but Atlanta.

Olwine seems like an amiable guy, judging from the interview in the Journal-Constitution. Worth a TTM request? Maybe, but then what to do with the other three Topps cards? :)

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