Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Contest Winnings from JBF!

Blogger Wes, aka Jaybarkerfan, of Jay Barker Fan's Junk is an intriguing figure. Besides being located to close where I live, implicitly meaning that any criticism of him from here could mean imminent revenge. Criticism, you say; Why would this sort of thing be warranted? Simply put, Wes is a fan of the beloved (and hated) Alabama Crimson Tide, and I a fan of the equally beloved and hated Auburn Tigers. You can guess who hates whom. Much has been said about the rivalry between the two teams (in football, I mean), but I will forgo launching into that, and simply refer you to the Wiki article and a local author/authority on the games.

Why else is Wes intriguing? Well, he has been lauded as the "most generous blogger," by Fuji, as well as "The Biffer" (By Thorzul)! So who is this masked man?


I received a prize package from JBF a month-ish ago, then received another. Then got a free card request fulfilled. I would say that paints Wes as a very generous guy. Did I mention he does weekly contests?

As to the "Biffer" moniker, well, that's true too. The Evidence:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:
Exhibit D:
Exhibit E:
Whew! That's more light blue than you'll get in a trip to the infant boy's section of Babies "R" Us!

Onto the rest of the (shiny) goodness...
For the life of me, I can't tell you why these scan so well. The purple Perez was one I especially liked.
The rest was stacked with Braves, both current and past players. The above were some of my favorites!

Onto the *actual* contest cards-did I mention Wes does this every week? There were also some sweet M's relics. Though awesome, I would be willing to swap for, say, a Chipper Jones or Dale Murphy relic. Either way, I declare Wes deserving of both names-thanks so much for the cards!

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