Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions? Eh.

This being the time of year where New Year's resolutions are made, people strive to do better during the coming year. The rest of us rebel, a la Calvin.
That's not that we/I don't care about what others have to say. The new year can definitely be a nice, even starting point for some goal or set of goals. But I (personally) don't always go by that convention. For example, I went on a "caffeine fast" last year.* Why caffeine? Because I drink too much otherwise. Starting in mid-October (though I used November 1st as a starting point), I fasted from caffeine for one year. After a short hiatus, I'm back on the fast as of December 26. Regarding cards, I assent (in principle, certainly) with The Card Raven's recent post.
Moving right along (fancy free), Weston of Fantastic Catch has sent me several packages of cards of late, which include cards such as these Triple Play stickers. Lord knows, I need a lot more Panini cards to complete the set, and kudos to him for helping me out there!

The Eckstein will fit nicely into my Eckstein PC. More Triple Play and a Glavine RC!
I've mixed in some cards from Larry of Emerald City Diamond Gems with these-Larry sent me some nice vintage for some Mariners I sent him.The Jeff Francoeur/Chipper Jones card is #'d 77/100.  Did you know Seattle is the only team (besides Washington) to have never gone to a World Series? Mariner fans, I think, will have a special seat in the afterlife for all the toil and trouble the M's have undergone in 30+ years. 
Jheri curl is always a top qualifier for getting your card scanned, and Geronimo Berroa is no exception. Joe Roa looks like he's falling asleep, and I like the backdrop for his card. Dollar signs do that, I guess.
I like the Fleer stickers, and I think Vinnie's Greenville Braves hat would be tough to pull off today, unless maybe some rapper wore it backwards.
May I preface the following comments by saying that mint condition is overrated:
It seems that someone stuck a mirror behind Craig Skok.
Poor Howie Bedell. Some child must have thought the peeling sticker graphic was, in fact, meant to be peeled. Bob Hartman is trying to wrap his head around that.
The red pants on that guy on the right in the Braves team card stick out a lot, once you notice them.

Thanks to Larry and Wes for the sweet cards!

If you've read this far, you have merited a reward. Go check out Collector's Crack for a quite dandy contest involving prognostication.

*This may or may not have been due to Tim Tebow's doing the same thing, according to his autobiography.


Michael Chase said...

I hear you on the caffeine thing! It's one of my very last vices. It's very tough to completely kick as many addictions are.

Anonymous said...

I also ride the wild wave of on-again-of-again with the caffeine bean. I resolve to... well, no I don't.

"...Bob Hartman is trying to wrap his head around that."

"The red pants on that guy on the right in the Braves team card stick out a lot, once you notice them."

Brilliant stuff.